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NEW GES Governing Council Members, Functions and Tenure of Office

NEW GES Council Members

All about the Council

Governing Body of the Service.

(1) There is established by this Act 1995 (ACT 506) a governing body for the Service which shall be known as

Ghana Education Service Council referred to in this Act as “the Council”.

(2) The Council shall consist of

(a) a chairman who shall be a person with extensive academic and administrative experience;

(b) one representative of the Public Services Commission not below the rank of director;

(c) two distinguished educationists one of whom shall be a woman;

(d) two eminent citizens, one of whom shall be a woman;

(e) two representatives of the Christian group made up of the Christian Council, the National
Catholic Secretariat and the Ghana Pentecostal Council;

(f) one representative of the Federation of Muslim Councils and Ahmadiyya Mission;

(g) one member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers;

(h) one member of the Teachers and Educational Workers Union;

(i) one member of the National Council for Tertiary Education;

(j) one representative of the Association of Proprietors of Private Educational Institutions;

(k) the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education; and

(l) the Director-General of the Service.

(3) The members of the Council shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the
Council of State.


Name Representation

  1. Michael Kenneth Nsowah President’s Nominee Chairman
  2. Eric Nkansah Director General, GES
  3. Very Rev. Ama Afo Blay President’s Nominee
  4. Wendy E. Addy-Lamptey WAEC
  5. Christain Addai-Poku NTC
  6. Chief Director Ministry Of Education (MOE)
  7. Haggar Hilda Ampadu National School Inspectorate Authority (NASIA)
  8. Edward Appiah NaCCA
  9. James Oppong-Mensah Local Government Service Council (LGSC)
  10. Bismark Anarbah Akandi Non-Teaching Staff Of GES (TEWU)
  11. Rev. Paa Solomon Grant- Essilfie -Teacher Unions On Rotational Basis
  12. Faith Bases Organization (FBOS)

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Functions of the Council.

The Council shall have general control over the management of the Service and shall—
(a) ensure the implementation of the function of the Service;

(b) submit to the Minister recommendations for pre-tertiary educational policies and programmes;

(c) promote collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Service; and

(d) advise the Minister on such matters as the Minister may request.

Tenure of Office of Members of the Council

(1) The members of the Council other than the ex-officio members shall hold office for three years and shall on the expiration of that period be eligible for re-appointment.

(2) Any member of the Council other than an ex-officio member may resign his office in writing
addressed to the President through the Minister.

(3) Where the office of a member of the Council other than an ex-officio becomes vacant before
the expiration of his term of office or by his death, the Minister shall notify the President of the
occurrence of the event and the President shall, acting in consultation with the Council of State
appoint another person in his place to hold office for the unexpired portion of his term of office

(4) Where it appears to the President on the recommendation of the Minister that any member of the Council is incapacitated by absence from Ghana or illness or any other sufficient cause from performing the duties of his office the president shall appoint another person to hold office in his place until such time as the President is satisfied that the incapacity of that person has terminated or until the term of the member expires whichever first occurs.

(5) A member of the Council who is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Council without sufficient cause shall cease to be a member.

Allowances for Members.

Members of the Council, co-opted members and members of committees of the Council shall be
paid such allowances as shall be determined by the Minister in consultation with the Minister for

Meetings of the Council.

(1) The Council shall meet for the dispatch of business at such times and in such places as the
Chairman may determine but shall meet at least once in every month.

(2) The Chairman shall upon the request of not less than one-third of the membership convene a
special meeting of the Council.

(3) The quorum at a meeting of the Council shall consist of seven members and shall include the
Director-General or the person acting in that capacity.

(4) Every meeting of the Council shall be presided over by the Chairman and in his absence by a
member of the Council elected by the members present from among their number.

(5) Questions before the Council shall be decided by a simple majority of members present and

(6) The Council may co-opt any person to act as an adviser at its meetings but no co-opted person is entitled to vote at the meeting.

(7) The validity of the proceedings of the Council shall not be affected by a vacancy among its
members or by a defect in the appointment or qualification of a member.

(8) Any member of the Council who has an interest in a contract or other transaction proposed to be entered into with the Service shall disclose in writing to the Council the nature of his interest and shall be disqualified from participating in any deliberations of the Council in respect of the contract or other transaction.

(9) A member of the Council who infringes subsection (8) of this section shall be liable to be
removed from the Council.

(10) The Secretary to the Council shall submit to the Minister a copy of the approved minutes after each meeting.

(11) Except as otherwise expressly provided for under this Act, the Council shall determine and
regulate the procedure for its meetings.

Committees of the Council.

(1) The Council may for the discharge of its functions appoint committees comprising members
of the Council or non-members or both and may assign to these committees such functions of the Council as it may determine.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection

(1) of this section, the Council shall appoint in every district a
District Education Oversight Committee composed of the following members—
(a) the District Chief Executive, who shall be the Chairman;
(b) the District Director of Education;
(c) the District Director of Health;
(d) the District Inspector of Schools;
(e) the District Social Welfare officer;
(f) two representatives of the District Assembly nominated by the Assembly of whom shall be a
(g) one representative of traditional rulers in the District;
(h) one representative each of the Christian and Muslim groups;
(i) one representative of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in the District;
(j) one representative of the District Parent/Teachers’ Association (PTA); and
(k) one woman identified generally with social development in the district.

(3) A District Education Oversight Committee shall, in the relevant district and subject to the
directives of the Council, be concerned with and oversee—
(a) conditions of school buildings and other infrastructural requirements of the schools;
(b) the provision of teachers and the regular and punctual attendance of teachers and pupils at the schools;
(c) the proper performance of duties by staff at the schools;
(d) the moral behaviour of staff and pupils and matters relating to general discipline;
(e) complaints relating to or from teachers, non-teaching staff and pupils;
(f) the environmental cleanliness of schools and facilities therein; and
(g) the supply of textbooks and other teaching and learning materials.

(4) The Council shall also appoint the following committees the—
(a) Appointments and Promotions Committee;
(b) Disciplinary Committee;
(c) Administration and Finance Committee;
(d) Education Planning and Research Committee; and
(e) Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.
(5) Subject to this Act, the Council shall determine the membership and functions of a committee appointed under this section.

Minister to give Directives.

The Minister may issue directives in writing to the Council on matters of policy and the Council
shall comply with the directives.

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