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Actual GES Promotion Examination Past Questions and Answers

Deputy Director December 2021 aptitude test.


2023 Examination Deputy Director -DD-  60 multiple choice questions true or false and 15 Fill in questions.

2023 Promotion Exams notice to Applicants/ candidates; Change of Some Centres

Reflective Practice in Teaching; What You might Forget


Deputy Director December 2021 Aptitude test Questions and Answers. 

There are three sets of promotion Examination questions for DD

Set 1 2021 December 

Set 2 Feb 2021 

Set 3 2020 December – Questions available here 

Scroll down to access all 

Set 1 

2023 Examination Deputy Director -DD- 60 multiple choice questions True or False and 15 Fill in questions. 

2023 Promotion Exams notice to Applicants/ candidates; Change of Some Centres

Set 1 December 2021, Check others from our Groups

Multiple choice questions

You will be asked to answer all questions in this section by circling the letter corresponding to the correct answer on your question paper.

Here the answers are provided below to enable you to access the questions and answers on your phone with ease. If you have any issues, let us know in the comment section. 

As you may have gone through already, you can try mentioning the answer before you click the answer to check.

1. How many agencies currently work under the auspices of the Ministry of Education

A. 16. 

B. 17. 

C 18 

D 19


Answer 19.

2. The following are the directorates with the Ministry of Education Except…

A. Internal audit 

B. Planning budgeting monitoring and evaluation 

C. Procurement 

D. Public relations 


Answer public relations 

3. The national teaching council is established by 

 A. Education regulator body Act 2020 (Act 1023).

B. The Education Act 506 1994 

C. The Education Act of 1961 

D. None of the above 


Answer Education Regulator’s Body Act 2020 (Act 1023)

4. The agency of the Ministry of Education responsible for the implementation of approved pre-tertiary educational policies and program is

A. Ghana Education Service (GES

B. National School inspectorate authority NaSIA

C. National teaching council NTC

D. The National council for curriculum and assessment NaCCA


Answer Ghana Education Service (GES) 

5. The private schools unit at the Ministry of Education was established in

A. 1972

B. 1973

C. 1974

D. 1975


Answer 1974

6. Which of the following is the Municipal Education oversight committee (MEOC) responsible for?

A. Basic schools

B. Secondary schools

C. Technical schools

D. All of the above


Answer Basic schools

7. Which of the following organizations evaluate monitor and coordinate the implementation of sector policies and strategies of the States and non-state actors in education? 

A Ghana Education Service 

B. Ghana tertiary education commission 

C. Ministry of Education

D Parliament of Ghana 


Answer Ministry of Education

8. The teacher licensing arrangement in Ghana comes with the following benefits except

A. Eliminate poor-performing teachers

B. Eliminate poor teachers

C. Enhance discipline among teachers

D. Make teaching a professional activity


Answer eliminate Poor teachers

9. The free SHS policy was introduced in

A. March 2017

B. June 2017

C. August 2017

D. September 2017


Answer September 2017

10. The Call for a universal learning design and friendly environment for Ghana’s Education system can be likened to

A. Child protection

B. Inclusive education

C. Lifelong learning

D. The free SHS policy


Answer Inclusive Education

11. How many ranks do we have in the GES

A. 6 

B. 8 

C. 10 

D. 12 


6. They are Administration. Finance. HumanResourceManagement. Technical Vocational Technical. School & Instruction. Special Education Division.

13. Sector Ministers are required by law to establish a ministerial advisory board to advise the ministry on various relevant issues. Which of the following is not required to be on the advisory Board of Ghana’s Ministry of Education?

A. Chairman of the Ghana Education Service GES Council.

B. Director General of Ghana tertiary education commission

C. Director-General Ghana Education Service

D. Representative of the Ghana National education campaign


Answer Director-General Ghana Education Service

14. All the following are role expectations of the teachers association except

A. Control of the behaviour of members

B. Organise in-service training

C. Participate in member activities

D. Seek the interest of management


Answer seek the interest of management.

15. The Ghana Education Service was established in the year

A. 1957

B. 1960

C. 1961

D. 1974


Answer 1974

16. The Ghana Education Service GES has divisions and units, how many divisions does GES have

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8.


B. 6

17. The education regulators body Act 2020 (Act 1023) established the National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) with three main responsibilities. Which one of the following is not among these responsibilities

A. Develop school curriculum

B. Enforce school standards

C. Evaluate schools

D. Inspect schools


Answer develop school curriculum

18. Which one of these ranks in GES requires that an individual must have served for at least four consecutive years and must be a licensed member of a Ghanaian teacher’s Union?

A. Assistant Director I

B. Senior superintendent I

C. Superintendent I

D. Teacher


Answer superintendent I

19. The main goal of school education is to develop

A. Knowledge, relationship, and skills

C. Needs, behaviour, and skills

D. Skills, behaviour, and attitude


Answer knowledge, relationship, and skills

20. The main function of an educational system is to

A. Mold aspiration

B. Mold character

C. Mold desires 

D. Mold society


Answer Mold Character 

21. According to the choice Theory the teachers’ attitude toward their students is 

A. Belongingness power freedom and fun

B. Love power fun and observation

C. Power intelligence skills and observation

D. Skills knowledge duty and love


Answer A. Belongingness power freedom and fun

22. Mrs. Agblobitse was having a hard time getting Edem to work in cooperative learning groups. Instead of isolating him she put him at a table with other students and instructed him to do his work. Next, she asked him to share materials with students at the same table. Now he can work in cooperative groups without getting into trouble. What is the name of the strategy Mrs. Agblobitse employed? 

A. Controlling student’s behaviour

B. Prompting

C. Reinforcement

D. Shaping 


Answer Controlling student’s behaviour

23. Current theories of classroom management see the teacher as

A. Dictator

B. Director

C. Guide

D. Leader


Answer leader

24. Classroom management principles are applied differently in primary and secondary schools because

A. Schools are structured differently at these levels

B. Teachers are trained differently for these levels

C. The administrative organisation changes at these levels

D. They belong to different departments within GES


Answer schools are structured differently are these levels

25. Mr. Biney has difficulty keeping students on task. Which of the following strategies would most likely increase academic learning time in his classroom? 

A. Allow ample time for transition from one activity to the next. 

B. hold students accountable for work done during class

C. Interrupt class presentations, when distracted by students, is behaviour

D. Utilise a good sense of humour in class


The answer; hold students accountable for work done during class

26. A teacher wants to have a class discussion in which all 23 of her students can participate equally. 

Which of the following seating arrangements would best suit this objective? 

A. Cluster style

B. Face-to-face style

C. Off-set style

D. Seminar style


Answer face-to-face style

27. Which of the following strategies is recommended for increasing academic learning time? 

A. Do not dwell on a topic while the point has been made

B. Flip-flop from one topic to another

C. Maximize transition time between activities

D. Respond to distractions


Answer maximize transition time between activities.

28. Generally, classroom rules and procedures should be reasonable and

A. Necessary

B. Punitive

C. Rigid

D. Subjective


Answer Necessary

29. The best strategy to develop listening skills is to practice

A. Criticizing people with different points of view

B. Interrupting politely

C. Offering advice to people who need it

D. Paraphrasing other people’s comments. 


Answer; paraphrasing other people’s comments

30. Assigning your staff new tasks is a way of helping them to

A. Develop independent thinking

B. Develop their patience

C. Respect your authority

D. Respond to duty


Answer Respond to duty

31. When getting the student to share and assume responsibility in a classroom teachers should

A. Emphasize control in the discharge of their responsibilities

B. Have students develop the classroom management club

C. Involve them in the planning and implementation of classroom initiatives

D. Seldom except with reasonable contributions from students. 


Answer; involve them in the planning and implementation of classroom initiatives

32. The types of accountabilities required in education are

A. Internal external and personal

B. Internal external and professional

C. Internal, personal, and group

D. Internal, professional, and group


Answer internal external and professional.

33. Amongst the various school records the most comprehensive information about the pupils is found in the

A. Cumulative record book

B. Logbook

C. Register

D. Report card


Answer Cumulative Record Book

35. The value that divides a dataset into two equal parts is called

A. Frequency

B. Mean

C. Median

D. Mode


Answer Median 

What is the median of 1, 6,4, 5, 2, 7 and 3


Answer; Arrange from lowest to highest and choose the middle one 1, 2, 3,     4,     5, 6, 7 Answer 4


True or false questions

Answer all questions in this section by identifying whether the statement provided is true or false circle the letter that corresponds to the correct or best option on your question paper

Make sure you read these instructions on your paper before Proceeding.

36. The National council for curriculum and assessment NaCCA has 22 members appointed by the president of Ghana

True or false


Answer false

37. The Minister of Education (MOE) in collaboration with the Minister of finance (MOF) recruits teachers into pre-tertiary Educational institutions in Ghana.

True or false


Answer false 

38. Nursery and Creche are not officially recognized as part of formal education

True or false


Answer false

39. Professor James Naana Opoku Agyeman was Ghana’s Minister of Education in 2017 

True or false


Answer false

40. The current director General of Ghana education service has two deputies

True or false


Answer true

41. Ghana Education Service GES and National schools inspectorate authority NaSIA are Both mandated by the Education regulatory bodies acts 2020 (Acts 1023) to register and license all pre-tertiary schools in Ghana

True or false


Answer false

42. The National schools’ Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) can close down the school in an emergency situation after consultation with the Ministry or Regional Education directorate concern

True or false


Answer true

43. The lesson plan is a list of planned activities and programs in a school that guide teaching and learning

True or false


Answer true

44. Dr Yaw Adutwum, member of parliament for Bosomtwe, has increased scholarships to young students in his constituency to pursue program in medicine

True or false


Answer true

45. In classroom management, your strategies and procedures need not be age specific

True or false


Answer false

46. A written account of the proceedings at a meeting is known as a report

True or false


Answer False

47. Interviews and questionnaires are primary sources of information

True or false


Answer True

48. With the one teacher 1 laptop initiative the government will pay 80% of the costs while the teacher pays 20%

True or false


Answer False

49. The ICT in education policy seeks to standardize and enhance the implementation and post-implementation stage of ICT in education interventions….

seekersnewsgh, [ 4:48 am]

True or false 


Answer true

50. The global sustainable development goals SDGs are 17 

True or false


Answer true.

51. In contemporary times the police are part of the school administration and management

True or false


Answer false

52. The school first of all is accountable to the pupils because they are the main clients of the Education

True or false


Answer true

53. The notice board is the most suitable form of communication used in the school

True or false


Answer true

54. The notice Board is the most suitable form of communication used in the school

True or False 


Answer True

55. Leadership focuses on the achievement of goals.

True or False


Answer True

 Question 56 instruction answer all questions in this section by filling in the space provided on your question paper with the correct or best answers

56. The three main responsibilities of the National schools Inspectorate Authority are 

1. School inspection

2. School evaluation

3. …………………….


Answer enforce for school standards. Refer to multiple choice question 17 answers 

57. Three bodies or committees have been established at the local and district levels to Foster local community participation in decision-making Parent Associations (PA), . …….. ….and school management committees (SMC)


Answer District Education Oversight Committee ( DEOC)

58. On the computer keyboards the keys that should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS word is ……….


Answer. Enter

59. A formal and systematic set of procedures used to obtain information about how much students have learned is referred to as…..


Answer Testing

60. In the educational system in Ghana supervisors are now known as….


Answer School Improvement support offices (SISOs)

Read Also Revised How to become a SISO ( Circuit Supervisor) in GES; Remunerations and Duties

61. In descending order the fifth-ranked on the cheers structure is ……..


Answer Deputy Director DD

62. On the GES organogram the Director-General is directly responsible to ……


Answer GES council.

63. At the district level the Assistant Director in charge of planning and monitoring works directly under ……


Answer Director

64. When a teacher uses praise on a student anytime he/she is on the tax the management strategy being used by the teacher is known as……


Answer Motivation 

Read Also Lesson Planning. Classroom management. The motivation of students, evaluation of lessons, Quick Revision

65. The learning strategy that utilise the practice of using both online and in-person learning experiences when teaching students is referred to as……


Answer  “blended learning,” also referred to as “hybrid learning,”

66. In chronological consultations, filling files are arranged in the order of….. 


Answer dates.

67. When using a computer the act of producing information from figures text or images is called data…….


Answer processing

68. In assessment a table of specifications is mainly used for



Answer Test item construction as it’s also known as Test Plan.

69. A…….. Indicates how funds will be obtained and utilized in a given period.


Answer Budget.

70. The practice of delegating power towards an education system is known as


Answer Delegation

71. All the day-to-day financial transactions of a school are entered in the



Answer cash book

72……… And ……. Are two principles of leadership for learning.


Answer; The five Leadership for Learning (LfL) principles Leadership for learning practice involves maintaining a  i) focus on learning as an activity ii) creating conditions favourable to learning  iii) creating a dialogue about LfL iv) sharing of leadership  V) shared sense of accountability

73. GALOP is an acronym for ……


Answer Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project

74. The vice president Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia on 14th December 2021 launched the………. Bringing together all the 187 TVET institutions spread across 19 ministries and the one umbrella to help revamp and mainstream technical and vocational education and training in the country.


Answer Ghana TVET service

75. The reappointment of a teacher who was interdicted as a result of a disciplinary investigation but cleared of all charges is referred to as


Answer Reinstatement

Adding more check from our Groups

Reflective Practice in Teaching; What You might Forget




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