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SHS students now carry weapons in schools – Raphael Sarkodie ASRC Coordinator

The Ashanti Regional Coordinator of Students Representative Council (SRC),Mr. Raphael Sarkodie has bemoaned the worrying trends of weaponization mentality of some students in Senior High Schools.

He admits the trend has become problematic that even during sports competitions amongst schools, some students have been stopped at entrances of stadiums and even grounds and searched thoroughly revealing these weapons.

Mr. Sarkodie says some of these weapons range from daggers, cutlasses, pins and others

Speaking on Ultimate 106.9 FM and monitored by, the SRC Coordinator, noted that students of today are smart for all the wrong reasons, a situation that needs to be checked.

‘‘The schools do a thorough search before students enter school and at the time they seize a lot of things, a lot of weapons’’

‘‘When we had soccer competitions at Obuasi, I was personally at the gate and we seized a number of weapons from students who were entering, so yes the student at times because of factionalism, rivalry because they have some issues they have these on so that when need be they use them’’

‘‘School authorities are trying to be as vigilant as they can be, I know of schools that such thorough searches are done on a periodic basis, I know of OWASS, where periodic searches are conducted on students, surprise searches’’

He said students of today are very stubborn and they need to be monitored closely to keep them out of trouble that could jeopardize their lives.

What these students are doing is just a reflection of society”, he lamented.

‘‘It’s a reflection of society, if we are oblivious of the kind of people we are creating from the home, who enter the school, so everything we see is a reflection of who we are and what we have become as a society’’

‘‘We need a broader conversation with all stakeholders, so that is we have to adopt the old strategies of corporal punishment and other forms of punishment meted out to student which will deter them from going in a certain direction the better for all’’, He stressed.

To add to that, students disciplinary measures has changed as the GES always caution Teachers with the use of canes.

Alternate measures put in place to check disciplines in schools are seriously not in line with the society, with this kinds of disciplinary measures in the New disciplinary code for students, Parents must be actively involved doing same at Home.

Parents in the country do not spare the rod when trying to discipline their wards hence when they misbehave and teachers ask them to write sentences they feel it is not a punishment.


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