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Steps to change School on the Placement Platform online with Phone

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Steps to change School on the Placement Platform online with Phone.

You do not need to travel to the Ministry of Education or the Ghana Education Services Head office in Accra just to access the placement portal. You can just do that on your phone at home.

To Access the School Placement Platform, candidates are to follow the Steps below.

  1. Obtain a placement pin code from an approved vendor.
  2. After obtaining a pin code, log onto the site
  3. Enter the ten-digit index number and add the year of completion eg. 22 for 2022, and 23 for 2023 thus 00000000022 0r 00000000023
  4. Enter the Pin code details ( serial number and pin)
  5. Click on submit and wait for placement to show up
  6. Print the form is you have been placed and visit the school to begin the admission process.

To change Placement

NB” Any New information that comes is updated… Hence this information is subject to change

One Can Select a school and later Change it provided it is not confirmed on the CSSPS Portal.

Residential Status

Program etc

Category of School is some of the issues sent for redress at the MOE.

We’re not in a rigid society.

Your ward may not get a school of choice because of the program and residential Status your ward chose.

Some students even with their good grades may choose Home Economics with low competition, Visual Arts, and other courses than Science in a highly competitive science school and easily get a school.

A student in Cape Coast with a lower Aggregate can also choose a Category A School and choose the day as residential status, this combination has low competition hence the student can easily get a school.

Category A and Boarding Residential Status has high competition that’s why a student with Aggregate 10 may not be placed and a student with 25 will be placed if they chose the same school and same program with different residential status.

Some Schools before you enter their science classes, do entrance Exams, any student interested can write the justify yourself exams and when they pass they are selected into their various programs.

Many of the issues seekersnewsgh observed at the Ministry of Education concerning Placement had to do with;

Parents come to Change schools because their wards got day schools far away from them. Eg. A Student who stays in the Eastern Region got an Accra School as a day student.

Take your phone call this official number 0308258001 for new Directives, You can Visit the GNAT Hall in Accra if you’re in Accra for Assistance.

You can also visit the Regional Free SHS Secretariat Office with your ward’s documents for assistance. 

In case the school is far and you wish to download their prospectus, or call them, make all necessary arrangements before heading there with your ward, you don’t need to worry. Here is a  list of online portals for Senior High Schools you can download a prospectus for and call.

All SHS Schools online Admission Portal You can Download Prospectus and Contact You can call

SHS Placement for 2023/24 Academic Year CSSP Site Live-MOE/GES. Here are the call center numbers

Latest Senior High schools in Central Region/ Cape Coast- Best ones, all categories


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