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Teaching in a Village Or Town; How many ended their career after GES Posting

Teaching in a Village Or Town; How many ended their career after GES Posting

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Teaching in a village and teaching in a town both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and priorities.

Teaching in a Village

Teaching in a village allows for a more close-knit community and a sense of belonging. The smaller student population can allow for more personalized attention and a closer relationship between the teacher and students. Additionally, teaching in a village can provide a unique cultural experience, allowing the teacher to learn about different traditions, customs, and ways of life. It can also provide a sense of fulfillment in making a difference in a community that may have limited educational opportunities.


However, teaching in a village can also present challenges. Limited resources and infrastructure, such as lack of electricity or internet access, can make teaching more difficult. Additionally, the isolation and limited social opportunities can be challenging for some individuals. There may also be limited career growth or professional development opportunities in a rural setting.

Teaching in a Town

On the other hand, teaching in a town offers more access to resources and amenities. Towns usually have better infrastructure, including better schools, technology, and access to professional development opportunities. Additionally, towns offer a wider range of social and leisure activities, which can provide a better work-life balance. Teaching in a town can also provide more career growth opportunities, as there may be more schools and institutions for professional advancement.

However, teaching in a town may not provide the same level of close community and personal connection as teaching in a village. The larger student population can make it more challenging to provide personalized attention to each student. Additionally, the fast-paced and sometimes competitive environment in a town can add to the stress and pressure of teaching.

Ultimately, whether teaching in a village or town is better depends on the individual’s priorities. Some may prefer the sense of community and cultural experience in a village, while others may prioritize access to resources and career growth in a town. It’s important to consider individual preferences, adaptability, and the unique experience that each setting can offer.

Below is a Teachers Experience


Hmm🤔, This question reminded me of my first posting to a typical village called Agortive.

The experience erh, hmm I nearly aborted the dream of teaching. After toiling so hard to locate the school, I came back home tired and disappointed. I told my mom, “Mom, in fact, If this is where I would be going to teach, it would be better for me to put my certificate somewhere and continue my credit transfer business. It took the intervention of some elderly people to calm me down and change my mind.

We were two from the same college. That faithful day of our first visit, we actually entered the classrooms in boxer shorts with our shoes in hand and trousers on our shoulders.

The Okada guy left us at the bank of the first stream and pointed the place ahead. We were fortunate to meet a guy going that same direction who lead us. The guy made the journey looked so short or maybe to him, it’s short.

He goes like, “Oh! We are almost there. it’s just behind that mountain, it’s just behind that tree”. But we walked for about two hours, crossing streams and slippery mud. Yeah it was a rainy season. The road looked more like a path created by cattle.

Even motorbikes can’t go there during a typical rainy season. The only car you see around that time will be a tractor.

My colleagues are getting better schools in towns and this is what I got. Herh life is not fair at all. How can I be wasting my youthful years in this hell? I thought to myself.


No light, no portable water( only salty borehole and the stream shared with cattle) , terrible network (You only get network at a particular spot), no proper classroom structure, no social amenity whatsoever.

Life over there was nothing close to normal for me. To be frank, I became frustrated, depressed, disappointed and confused.

Initially, I thought living in a village such as that would have reduced cost of living but that was not entirely true.

It came to the point where I have to be asking some of the village folks why they decided to go and settle far there in the first place.

But when I finally started living among them, I started adjusting and the initial feeling begun to fade away. Having the opportunity to live amongst them gave me a different perspective and understanding to life. I would have stayed there a little longer but due to a unique situation, I have to be reposted.

To the main issue, juxtaposing my personal experience in a typical village with town, I would always choose a town over village no matter what.

Towns and cities are where the real life is happening. But if my service is needed in the village, who am I to oppose? It’s hard but, how for do?

Hon. Jerry Akporhor

Source; Inform Teachers Network ITN


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