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2024 Salary Negotiations: Teacher Unions Prioritize Allowances Over Increment

2024 Salary Negotiations: Teacher Unions Prioritize Allowances Over Increment

In recent news, the government has allegedly proposed a new percentage for salary adjustments in 2024.

However, the trade unions have raised concerns. Initially, the government offered a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for 2024, instead of a direct salary increment. This proposal was met with resistance from the unions.

Many are eagerly awaiting the government’s proposed salary increment percentage and the unions’ response.

Surprisingly, the teacher unions have shifted their focus away from the salary increment.

Instead, the three major teacher unions—GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-GH—are demanding a comprehensive review of their collective agreement, which has already expired. They are insisting on receiving the agreed-upon allowances as a top priority.

Unlike previous instances where teachers faced unfulfilled payments under collective agreements with the government, this time, the unions are resolute in making allowances their primary concern.

Our interactions with teachers have revealed that these allowances, once paid, will significantly improve the educational sector and the well-being of teachers. Unfortunately, the government has been reluctant to fulfill these commitments.

Some teachers have expressed their frustration, emphasizing that the common refrain regarding teacher remuneration is that “teachers are numerous.”

However, teachers argue that they have responsibilities comparable to other professionals, such as Members of Parliament, police officers, doctors, and more.

The teachers’ argument for prioritizing the review and implementation of the collective agreement is clear.

While a standard salary increment affects all professions, they contend that other professionals and public servants receive more due to the allowances they enjoy.

Consequently, the three teacher unions have joined forces to advocate for their allowances before any other considerations.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2024 minimum wage and salary negotiations.

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