Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Salary Structure 2024

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Salary Structure

Ever wondered about the earnings of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) employees? Let’s delve into the GRA salary structure, which varies based on factors like experience, position, and qualifications.

The GRA has over 8,000 employees deployed across the country in various offices and departments.

Support Services Division (SSD)

This division (SSD) is mandated to serve as a conduit of support to the two operational divisions i.e. [Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD) and the Customs Division (CD)], and the Commissioner General’s Secretariat to enable them to perform their functions efficiently to aid in revenue mobilization.

The division is headed by the Commissioner, Support Services Division with the support of the various departmental heads.

The departments under the division include:

Human Resource Department
Finance Department
Administration Department
Information Technology Department

Cleaners/Security Personnel:
Individuals in roles like security personnel and cleaners may earn approximately Gh¢1600 or less, contingent on their experience and relevant factors.

Administrative Roles:
For permanent employees in administrative positions at the branch level,

salaries range from GH¢1980 to GH¢2640 monthly for grade D, E, and F officers.

GH¢3750 to GH¢7400 monthly for grade A, B, and C officers.

Tax Specialists & High-Ranking Officials:
Professionals with specific qualifications or higher ranks can expect wages beyond the mentioned salary range.

Here are some examples:

Assistant Revenue Officer: Ghc 110,000
Financial Accountant: GHc 42,000
Assistant Commissioner: GHc 144,000
IT Technician: GHc 60,000
Customs Officer: GHc 121,000

Additional Information:
It’s important to note that GRA staff receive supplementary allowances based on location and other circumstances.

Additionally, non-cash benefits such as subsidized health care coverage, annual leaves, maternity leave, etc., are provided to enhance job satisfaction and motivation. Performance-related bonuses are also awarded in some cases to boost productivity among staff members.

Annual increment, Promotions, and increase in Minimum Wage in Ghana. The minimum wage now in Ghana

Check your Appoitment Letter for the Actual Salary Grade and Level.


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