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Ghanaian Teacher Takes Legal Action Against National Teaching Council Over Unlawful Fee Collection”

Ghanaian Teacher Takes Legal Action Against National Teaching Council Over Unlawful Fee Collection”

Stephen Desu, a Ghanaian citizen and employee of the Ghana Education Service, has taken legal action against the National Teaching Council (NTC) for its unauthorized fee collection from teachers. Desu, who is also the founder of INNOVATIVE TEACHERS, has alleged several violations, including the illegal accumulation of points for license renewal, unapproved fees for workshops, and misleading communication regarding the Professional Development Allowance.

Desu’s legal representatives have issued a demand notice and notice of intention to sue, outlining several key points of contention. They argue that the NTC’s actions violate the Education Bodies Regulatory Act of 2020 and that there is no legislative instrument supporting the NTC’s activities. They also demand that the Ghana Education Service cancel planned teacher training and fee deductions from the Professional Development Allowance.

The notice concludes by stating that if the NTC fails to comply with these demands within 30 days, legal action will be pursued in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Deadline to Education Showdown: Teacher Unions Demand Resolution


We write for and on behalf of our client, Stephen Desu who is a citizen of Ghaná, an employee of Ghana Education Service and the Founder of INNOVATIVE TEACHERS. We have the instructions of our client to bring the following to your attention.

1. The National Teaching Council has licenced service providers who are organizing workshops for teachers and collecting unapproved fees.

2. Teachers are building points illegally for their licence renewal.

3. With reference to the letter dated 10th August, 2023 (attached) the National Teaching Council stated among other things that National CPD days will earn the teacher 6 points.

4. Teachers will pay One Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GHS150) for the 6 points.

5. This letter from the NTC created an erroneous impression albeit deliberate that the Profesional Development Allowance belongs to the employer.

6. The Professional Development Allowance belongs to teachers not Ghana Education Service because of the signed Collective Bargaining Agreement.

7. With reference to the letter dated 6h September, 2023 (attached) Ghana Education Service referenced the letter from NTC and indicated the review was necessitated by numerous complaints by teachers.

8. This so-called review is illegal, a blatant act of disobedience and cannot be the substitute for the LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENT.

9. Section 83(1) of the EDUCATION BODIES REGULATORY ACT, 2020 (Act 1023) compulsorily calls for a LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENT.

10. Our client’s search in the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana Indicated that there is no LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENT backing the activities of the National Teaching Council.

We hereby request that within 30 days from the date of receipt of this letter,

1. Ghana Education Service write a letter to teachers (circulate them on social media) cancelling its intention to organize training for teachers for six points.

2. Ghana Education Service must write a letter (circulate it on social media) to teachers cancelling its intention to deduct an amount of one hundred and   fifty Ghana cedis (GHS150) from their Professional Development Allowance due to be paid in November, 2023 because the amount mentioned herein has not been approved by Parliament of the Republic of Ghana in accordance with Fees and Charges Act.

3. National Teachers Council must write to District Directors of Ghana  Education Service instructing them to halt any form of training which comes  with points.

4. The National Teaching Council must write to Ghana Education Service stating categorically that the NTC has halted all its activities stated in section 83 (2) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) () (g) (h) (i) and () of the EDUCATION BODIES
REGULATORY ACT, 2020 (Act l023) due to the fact that NTC does not have a LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENT to guide its activities as instructed by  the law.

5. The National Teaching Council takes steps to initiate the process for the LEGISLATIVE INSTRUMENT to be passed by Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

We have the instructions of our client to institute legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction against National Teaching Council to seek relieves stated above should National Teaching Council fail to comply.

Thank you.
Counting on your co-operation.

NTC to Court


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