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GTLE 2023 Re-sit Questions a lot Failed

GTLE 2023 Re-sit Questions a lot Failed

Published by Kofi Asare,

Here are some of the 2023 questions written.

NTC GTLE Results Released; About 84% of graduates failed. Check results

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4 GTLE to be written this Year 2023 Check Dates Given  NTC

GTLE Content Area and Table of Specifications for Each Subject Download

Sample 1

1. Which of the following can help you develop confidence in yourself as a professional teacher?
A. Attending in-service training
B. Being punctual at school
C. Having better conditions of service
D. Using teaching and learning materials

2. All the following are ways in which teacher professional development can occur
A. attending workshop on lesson plan and teacher delivery.
B. discussing and learning with colleagues on an issue.
C. Observing learner behaviours during instruction.
D. reading journals on the common core curriculum.

3. After teaching a lesson, a teacher decided to assess himself and consider new
ways of teaching the same lesson another time. The teacher’s action can best be
described as
A. Collaborative practice.
B. consultative activity.
C. post-teaching activity.
D reflective practice.

Reflective Practice in Teaching; What You might Forget  Download

4. All the following are ways by which a headteacher can promote school- community relationship except
A. asking learners to bring firewood to school.
B forming of parent teacher association.
C. inviting a resource person from the community.
D. promoting school organised communal labour.

5. Which one of the following concepts depicts the systematic collaboration and
interaction between schools and groups of people residing within the school
vicinity Community
A. development.
B. empowerment.
C. engagement.
D. meeting.

6. A teacher fell feverish one morning and as a result, visited the hospital for treatment. The teacher went to school the next day. Which of the following behaviour of the teacher will constitute misconduct based on the GES code of conduct?

A. Informing the headteacher but failing to submit a medical report.
B. Not informing the circuit supervisor of his absence from school that day.
C. Not informing the headteacher about his illness and his absence.
D. Not informing the learners that he would be absent from school for a day.

sample 2

7. Forty per cent of the people in a village speak kusaal and seventy percent speak
Mampruli. Some speak both languages. No other language is spoken in the
village. What fraction of the people in the village speaks both Kusaal and

Check paper

8. What is the duration for the workshop?
A. 6 hours
B. 6 hours 30 minutes
C. 7 hours
D. 7 hours 30 minutes

9. If the last 90 minutes of the workshop was spent on Open Forum, at what time did
the Forum begin?
A. 12:30 pm
B. 1:00 pm
C. 1:30 pm
D. 2:00 pm

10. The table below shows the enrolment in a school from KG1 to Basic 3.

Sample 3

11. Shop P sells mangoes at 3 for GHg5.00. Shop Q sells same sizes of mangoes at 5 for
GH27.00. Shop R sells same sizes of mangoes at 6 for GHØ8.00. Which of the
following conclusions is true about the three offers to the buyer?

A Shop P gives the best.
B.Shop Q gives the best..
C. Shop R gives the best.
D. The three shops give the same offer.

Use the information below to answer questions 12 and 13.
A high school purchases a new printing machine at the cost of GHZ24,000.00. The
school estimates that the equipment depreciates in value by a fixed amount each year.

12. If the estimated value after 3 years is GHg15,000.00, by how much does the
machine depreciate each year?
A. GHC3.000.00
B. GHC5,000.00
C. GHC27.000.00
D. GHC9,000.00

13. What is the estimated value of the printer after six years?
A. GHC3,000.00
B. GHC5,000.00
C. GHc6.000.00
D. GHC29,000.00 x

14. Efua wants to buy a box of cereals and has to decide between two options as
Option 1: A 500-gram box costs GHC34.50
Option 2: A 700-gram box costs GHC50.60
Which of the following conclusions is true about the two options?
A. The unit price for option 1 per 100 grams is GHØ5.00
B. The unit price for option 2 per 100 gramsis GHg7.23
C. Both options have the same unit price per 100 g
D. Option 1 is a better offer than option 20 grams

.15. The table shows the number of pupils in primary school classes 3, 4, 5 and 6. What
is the percentage difference between the number of pupils in class 6 and class 3
out of the total enrolment across the four classes? Primary school class Number of pupils
A. 10%
B. 12%
C. 14%
D. 16%

All About Learning Theories of Education (Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism.) and how they can be used in Teaching.

Sample 4

54. A basic schoolteacher who was planning her lesson realized that the topic she
intended to teach was too complex to be accomplished within an instructional
period. Therefore, she broke the topic into simple teachable units. The teacher is
said to have adopted
A classification.
scheme of work.
C. segmentation.
D. task analyses.

55. A teacher who can detect everything going on around him during classroom
instruction demonstrates
A. group control.
B. overlapping.
C.  Supervision.
D. with-it-ness.

56. Which of the following is not characteristic of teaching as an art?
A. Creativity
B. Goal-oriented
C. Personal skills
D. Theory-laden

57. The best way a teacher can handle a wrong answer by a learner is to
A. call another learner to respond.
B explain why the answer is wrong.
ignore the wrong answer.
D. scold the learner.

58. Treating learners equally without regard to ability, race or ethnicity is termed
A. equality.
B. equity.
C. inclusivity.
D. integration.

59. Storytelling is a very useful strategy teachers employ to develop values in learners.
Which of the seating arrangements below is the most appropriate to use in teaching storytelling to young learners?
A. Circular formation
B. Group around desks
C. Horseshoe formation
D. Simple rows

60. Teachers are supposed to make sure the classroom has enough light. This action
of the teacher will enable them to
A. decorate the classroom.
B. make learners pay attention.
C. prevent learners from getting confused.
D. prevent learners from straining their eyes.

Shared Script

Mixed Papers

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4


MOE sets up c’ttee to probe Mass failure in GTLE and Review Selection Process into COE



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