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How Long it takes for the Teacher Unions(GNAT,NAGRAT, CCT) to Process your Loan Now

Government workers across the country are the most worried when it come to loans. So many advertisement in their offices, on their phones in fact everywhere, to come for a loan. Due to their regular and timely income they become the most trusted to payoff loans when given hence the chase by almost all financial institutions.

Not only Loans, insurance companies are also always creating insurances for government workers.

This has also made fraudsters and scammers target Government workers especially teachers for their credentials to contract loans in their names.


Due to the high rate of the Bank loans and other credit unions loans, the various Teacher Unions have come up with loan schemes for their members at a very low rate.

There are various loan schemes available in each Teacher Union. The Duration depends on the type of loan you are applying for.

Formerly almost all  loans would pass through the school to district to regional before to the National level for approval.

Digital Age

Now most of the loans can be applied for through the various online portals created by the individual unions.

Coalition of Concern Teachers (CCT) You dial the short code * 711*122# and follow the prompt to access their loan portal

Ghana National Association of Teachers ( GNAT) *800#

For NAGRAT you visit the website


How long it takes for the loans to be process

CCT –      2 weeks

GNAT –    2 weeks

NAGRAT- 1 week

ATAG –     1 week

This use to be the maximum duration it takes for your loan to be processed.

But in recent days according  to the loan officers seekersnewsgh spoke with, they all seem to give the same answer, the number that has recently applied for loans is huge hence they are put in a queues and  worked on them one after the other.

You must then know that your loan is delaying because you are place in a queue.

This delay is really worrying a lot of members as some have applied for months and have not receive the money.

Loan charts

we have all the loan charts available but speaking with some of the union officials minor changes has been done to some of them hence we will publish those ones here immediately we confirm the changes has been done.


New Repayment Chart GNAT




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