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Current News About GES Recruitment, 24,000 Teachers to be Recruited in 2024

GES Recruitment Portal 2024

In a recent revelation from various sources, including Kofi Asare of Eduwatch Ghana, it has been disclosed that the Government is gearing up to recruit 24,000 teachers in the year 2024. While official communications from the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service are yet to be released, many observers are interpreting this move as a strategic maneuver, possibly aimed at garnering support.

GES Appointment Letter Sample from Headquarters

Inclusion of University Teachers:

Despite lingering questions about potential restrictions due to IMF conditionalities on public sector recruitment, the recruitment drive is expected to encompass both University and College of Education teachers. This broad approach aims to address the demand for Teachers across various academic levels.

GES Regional appointment letter / Introductory letter sample

Public Response:

While this announcement is likely to be welcomed by a cohort of new graduate teachers, there remains a prevailing sentiment that the conditions of service for teachers need enhancement. The sustainability of recruiting such a substantial number of teachers is being questioned, with concerns raised about potential frustration and high turnover rates. Critics argue that unless fundamental improvements are made to the working conditions, the impact of recruiting 24,000 teachers may be diminished.

10,000 Teachers relocate to the UK in 2023 and more are on their way  NTC

Political Implications:

Speculations that the 2024 recruitment is primarily a political move ahead of the 2024 elections. some have drawn comparisons to past government teacher recruitments since 2017. The figures, excluding additional hires for double-track systems and new university lecturers, suggest a consistent trend of recruitment, prompting some to question the necessity of the current initiative.

Recruitment Data since 2017:

  • 2017 ~ 33,160
  • 2018 ~ 41,663
  • 2019 ~ 60,358
  • 2020 ~ 443
  • 2021 ~ 249
  • 2022 ~ —- (no recruitment)
  • 2023 …CoE Teachers

Unverified Data

Controversial Projects:

The announcement of significant government projects often raises eyebrows, as some are quick to label them as mere tactics for securing votes. Drawing parallels with previous initiatives like the ‘1 student 1 tablet’ program, critics question the true intent behind such endeavors.


1 student, 1 tablet – Bawumia promises senior high schools this year

Technological Advancements in Teacher Recruitment and Data Capture:

Shifting gears, the Ghana Education Service has implemented a streamlined approach in the release of Staff IDs for newly recruited teachers in 2023. The use of biometric data from the Ghana Card eliminates the need for redundant data capture, simplifying the onboarding process for teachers. The Staff IDs, including essential details, have been made available for the Eastern Region, with similar releases expected for other regions soon.



Here is a letter to the Directors to process all New Entrant Forms for the Release of Salaries.



”We wish to inform all Regional Directors that the Staff Identification Numbers for the
newly recruited in 2023 are ready.

Kindly bring it to the notice of all newly recruited staff that there will be no biometric
registration and hopefully their salaries will be paid next month


Given this, we humbly request that you submit all processed new entrant forms
promptly to the Payroll Unit, GES Headquarters,  to avoid delay in
salary payment.


Please treat this as a matter of urgency.

What to do

You were all given the New Entrant Form to fill out for Submission, make sure you have filled yours and submitted it to the Metro/Municipal/District Office of the GES. Failure to do so means your salary won’t be paid.

During submission some will be called to update  few things if it’s wrong, to avoid that and the delay, you can contact your IPPD coordinator to confirm if you have all documents cleared.

You may not see your names here directly as the former where we publish staff IDs to check your names but they are currently ready and salaries will hit your account Next month.

We will also publish the regional names if it becomes available for publication.

How to Check your salary this month

To know if your salary has been paid, you need to confirm from your validator when the Controller and Accountant’s General Department  (CAGD) Opens the Validation window, you can confirm your payment.

How to check if you have been paid this Month Salary by Gov

Check validation date from here 2023 Proposed dates for Validation, Salary Payment to Public sector


Your District Will provide you with the Staff IDs Soon.

Immediately you get your staff ID you need to create an account on the Controller ESPV system where you can;


Check your Payslip and Download

Check your Affordability How to Check Your Affordability on CAGD Epayslip Portal

Change Union if you want to  CAGD (GOG) How to Change Association on Epayslip Portal- NEW

Make corrections if you want to How to Change a Phone number on ESPV Controller ( CAGD) Portal NEW Letter Template Download

How to get your claims after terminating with an Association/Union

New Directive from Controller (CAGD) on E-payslip Re-activation and Letter Sample

You must download your First Payslip when your salary is released to the school.


Easy Way to Apply For Inter Regional Transfer in GES-100% Assurance

Documents needed for inter regional transfer


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