Momo Agents Association fumes over unfair arrest of its members Plan to make withdrawals at 1000GHS Maximum

Momo Agents Association fumes over unfair arrest of its members Plan to make withdrawals at 1000GHS Maximum


Mobile Money Agents to limit cash withdrawals to GH₵1,000 per transaction

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) has expressed concerns over the alleged harassment of some Mobile Money Agents.

The Association described the continuous arrest of its members by individuals over fraudulent activities as unfair.

Speaking to Citi News, the president of the Mobile Money Association of Ghana, Dela Dunstan Abotsi, asserted the Association’s commitment to ensuring justice for these agents.

“Regarding how our members are being arrested left and right, there is one particular issue that we are monitoring closely. One of our members was arrested at Tema Community 5 and sent to Port Harbour Police Station. He was later transferred from Port Harbour to Akosombo police station. Somebody came to withdraw fraudulent money from his end, which he claimed he wasn’t aware of. Based on that, he was arrested, made to pay the money, amounting to 8000 Ghana cedis, and his home was confiscated. These are issues we are following closely.”

Additionally, the Association plans to convene a consultative meeting with stakeholders to discuss their recent decision to cap cash withdrawals at a maximum of one thousand cedis per transaction, following a meeting with the Telecommunication network last week.

“MMAAG cannot make the decision alone, so we will have a meeting and decide the next line of action. We had a meeting, and all the Associations were on board. We will go back to our drawing board to have a meeting with the four Associations (the Northern MoMo Agents Association of Ghana (NOMAAG), the Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MOMAG), the Mobile Money Agents Association Ghana (MMAAG), and the ABAG) to decide on our next course of action.”




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