2024 Stellis Recruitment | How to apply to WHO job opportunities User Guide

Stellis Recruitment | How to apply to WHO job opportunities User Guide

User guide on how to apply for a position at WHO using the Stellis recruitment system.

<STELLIS> How to apply to WHO job opportunities




  1. WHO staff members holding currently valid Continuing, Fixed-Term, Temporary SR420.4, and 60 days or less contracts:

From the WHO intranet page, go to Staff Resources/Services and click on Stellis vacancies/profile (staff), or You should be logged in automatically.

Please note that all staff who were in service at the time of the launch of Stellis in

February 2017 had Stellis profiles automatically created.  Please do not create a new account. If you experience problems accessing your profile, please send an email to the Global Service Desk at [email protected].   For new staff engaged since February 2017, the creation of a Stellis profile is a prerequisite to employment.


  1. WHO workforce holding Consultant, SSA, or Internship contracts; External candidates; or staff members currently observing break-in-service:

From the WHO intranet, go to Staff Resources/Services and click on Stellis vacancies/profile (non-staff), or alternatively, and click on Sign In in the top right-hand corner of the page.

The career portal is also accessible via,  External candidate access

If you already have an account, enter your unique login information. If not, create your login account (user name and password) by clicking New User.  Please do not create duplicate accounts.  If you do not remember your username or password, use the Forgot my password or Forgot my user name options, or send an email to [email protected]. Temporary credentials will be provided to you to facilitate access.



  1. Current job opportunities can be viewed by clicking on the Job Search tab. You can use the filters on the left column of the page to search for specific job opportunities.  This can be by location, contract type, and job field.   A keyword search may also be used.  To review more details regarding the position, click on the job title
  2. The closing date for applications is displayed in the job opportunity details. Please take note of the IMPORTANT NOTICE that is included in the announcement and brings to your attention that the closing date displayed reflects your personal device’s system settings.  For example, a closing time for a specific job posting viewed by a candidate with Geneva time selected as a system setting will differ from that of a candidate with Kuala Lumpur time as a system setting.  Always refer to the official WHO job site for accurate closing deadlines.


  1. Once you have identified a job opportunity that interests you and for which you are suitably qualified, simply click on the Apply button next to the job announcement, or the Apply Online button within the job announcement.
  2. A series of tabs will appear which will allow you to enter information relevant to your application. The job opportunity to which you are applying will always be indicated at the top of the page.

To navigate between the individual steps in the application process, click on Save and continue.  You can also Save it as a draft and return it later to complete your application.

Personal information: Please note that in the case of active WHO staff, fields for Name, Civil

Status, Title, DoB, and Nationality are populated automatically from GSM.  Should you wish to

modify any of these fields, you will need to take the required action in GSM and/or contact [email protected].   The primary email address will reflect your WHO email address.

Preferences: This section allows you to select the opportunities in which you are interested in terms of job type, level, and schedule. You can also select the job field and location.  The system will automatically add the job field and location of the job to which you are applying.  Should you wish to receive system-generated notifications of job postings that generally match your preferences, simply check the box as shown below.  You can uncheck the box at any time if you no longer wish to receive notifications.


Eligibility questions: You are required to respond to a set of eligibility questions that are mandatory for all Stellis profiles.  If you have previously made a job application through Stellis, the questions will reflect the responses you provided earlier.  Please ensure that the responses are still valid.

Job-specific questions: A set of job-specific questions is developed for each job posting. Please respond to these questions honestly.  Only candidates who fully meet the minimum requirements for a job can be short-listed.  Any attempt to misrepresent educational achievements or relevant experience will be taken very seriously.

Work profile: Once you click on the Work profile tab, you will be able to enter details of your education, qualifications/certifications, training, work experience, publications, languages, and computer skills.

Once you have completed the relevant fields for a specific entry, click on Add/update entry as shown below.  Your entries will be listed at the bottom of the page.  To view/update an entry, simply click directly on it.  To delete an entry, click on the Delete icon to the right of the entry.

Once you have entered information in a specific section, a green tick mark will be displayed – as shown below.

When all the sections have been completed, you can either click on Exit work profile and continue to the next step in the application process or click on Review & save work profile to see a consolidated list of your work profile entries and from there Save and exit work profile and proceed to next step in the application process.

Cover letter:  This step in the selection process is optional.  Should you wish to include a cover letter, you can type or paste the text into the field provided.  The maximum length allowed in the cover letter text field is 4000 characters.  Your cover letter will be specific to the job opportunity to which you are applying.

eSignature: You are required to certify that the statements made in your profile are true, complete, and correct.  Please note that your eSignature will always be your family name as it is reflected in your profile.  Important note: Applying your eSignature is not a submission of your application. There is one further step – see below.


Review and submit:  This is the final step in the application process. You will have an opportunity to again review the content of your profile before submitting your application.  It is only upon clicking the Submit button below, that your application will be registered.


  1. You can print a copy of your profile content by clicking on the Print option shown below.
  2. Once you have submitted your application, you will within minutes receive a system-generated confirmation of your application. Please ensure that the correct vacancy number is quoted in the application confirmation.  If you do not receive a confirmation, or if the confirmation does not display the correct vacancy number, please contact the WHO Global Service Desk at [email protected].


  1. You can view your application history by clicking on the My Jobpage tab.

Draft submissions:  As long as the closing date of the job posting has not lapsed, you can finish the application process (you started earlier and saved) by clicking on Finish Draft Submission.

Completed submissions: You can view your completed applications and see any system-generated notifications associated with the applications. You may update an application for a specific job up until the closing date.  After the position is closed, you may no longer amend the application. You can also withdraw your application.

Withdrawn applications: A list of withdrawn applications is also available.

  1. The status of the respective selection process is also provided, showing In progress, Filled, and Cancelled.




  1. Should you wish to update your profile without making a specific application, you can do so from either the Job Search or My Jobpage, by clicking on the downward arrow next to your name and then on Profile
  2. You will notice that it will indicate you are applying for General Profile (Job Number 1700001). This is normal. Your general profile will always be the most recent version of your profile and will be systematically updated upon each completed application.   Please note that updating your general profile (1700001) will have no impact on your previously submitted or draft


  1. To create/update your profile, please follow the same steps provided in the earlier section titled How to apply to a job opportunity. It is important to complete the steps to Review and submit to ensure that your entries/updates are recorded.

TIP: it is advisable that if you happen to be working on several job-specific applications at the same time, you avoid updating your general profile until you have completed all your required applications. The general profile will be updated automatically each time with the most recently submitted job application.


| <Stellis> MW guides – How to apply to WHO and PAHO job opportunities  – 14 December 2020


  1. In case the site does not display properly or you are unable to move around the site, check that you are using the latest version of your web browser. Check also that Javascript is enabled. You can try the following steps:
    1. Clear your browser history and open the career portal in a new browser (not a new tab within the same browser).
    2. Access the career portal using the Mozilla Firefox browser or using another device


  1. Avoid using the back and forward buttons in your browser. This may interrupt the application process and cause you to lose data. Use instead the navigation buttons within the website.


  1. If you continue to experience problems, send an email promptly to [email protected]. To facilitate a prompt response, include details of the vacancy, and your computer settings and attach a screenshot of the error.

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