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The Ongoing NTC training will end on 8th April. No CPD No License Renewal

The NTC training ongoing will end on 8th April.

Some people seem to be lost and really do not know what to do.

Now we bring you the breakdown and guide as to what to do.

It’s an NTC and MOE training ongoing for Some CPD points.

In the process of acquiring CPD points there are categories.

Ranked based CPD to be acquired

Mandatory CPDs to be Acquired

and Recommended CPDs to Acquire

to be able to renew one’s License and move up the rank. in all these you have three years to get the required CPD Points. All the Categories are required, you can’t get all the CPDs from one category, you need all the categories together.

If you are taking part in the ongoing training you need to sit up and read.

Login into the link the NTC sent to you via sms 

It takes you to the login page NTC E-LEARNING LOGIN 

If you are Login Change your password and upload your picture.

When that is done proceed to the Course.


  1. Teaching in a Digital Age Course
  3. Cybersecurity Training for Teachers Course
  4. Mobile Learning with Multimedia Course

The course you are to start is the Teaching in a Digital Age.

Watch the introduction video

when ever you finish click on the  MARK AS DONE

Download the pdf file on the course and read.

After reading the next thing is to Take the assignment


Submission Instructions
Write up your response to the above activity and make your  points using the  lesson  forum below. To make a post in the forum, click on the 

“Add a new topic”  button,

type in the title of your discussion in the “subject” text box then proceed to type in the content of your discussion in the “Message” text area.  Finally, scroll down and click on the

“post to forum” button.

Don’t forget to join the Telegram group provided.

If you still need assistance you can join our Telegram group for assistance.

You can also request for some of the documents for reading through our telegram group.


You are to get 100% for a course before you get the 4 CPDs,

You also have to join the ePLC platform, the telegram platform.  The Course award you with CPD points and certificate from the NTC. 

In the event where the CPD points accumulated does not show, according to the NTC you are to keep the certificates and at the appropriate time, it will be taken and worked on for your CPD points to reflect.

The programme is self learning programme so go ahead to read contents from any of the courses or all of them. Each course gives you 4 CPD points upon successful completion.

You have to do all the assignments and also respond to discussions on the forum before your study progression can get to 100%.

Before you provide an answer, there are other answers provided you can also check them as a guide.


This course is just 2 hrs course you can easily finish. You are to take the test which is 10 marks. You are to take it with 5 attempts. The clue is that the questions are not changed, so if you are smart, after the first correction you can do it again and get all correct.

We wish you a good luck.




Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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