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Participate Learning is Recruiting Teachers for 2023 School Year USA; Check Details/Countries Qualified

Have you previously taught with Participate Learning (or VIF)?

Participate Learning  is an organization established since 1987, they have partnered with schools and teachers to enrich students’ minds and their futures for a better tomorrow. The aim is to  positively impact the world through equitable education opportunities. They help to;

  • Improve student outcomes
  • Find exchange visitor teachers for your school
  • Immerse students in bilingual language programs
  • Support curriculum development
  • Develop the next generation of global citizens

Teach Abroad

Are you an experienced educator from outside the USA? Our ambassadors are more than just teachers— they are representatives of their culture, language, and heritage. Advance your career and learn new skills by becoming an exchange visitor with Participate Learning.

Participate Learning sponsors more than 1,000 international teachers each year. We offer qualified applicants:

  • Step-by-step assistance with exchange visas
  • Full-time, salaried positions
  • Competitive health benefits
  • Opportunities with schools in three states
  • Onboarding and welcome
  • Ongoing support

Expand young minds as you share your culture with US students.

Requirements for open positions are the following:

  1. High level of English proficiency
  2. University degree or teacher training equivalent to a US Bachelor’s degree (typically a 4-year program at a university)
  3. Currently teaching in a school
  4. Two years of teaching experience.
    • For elementary positions, experience has to be full-time teaching core elementary subjects (language arts, math, science and social studies), after you graduated from the university, with students between the ages of 5-10 in public or private elementary schools.
    • For English/Spanish social studies, math and science, experience should be with students ages 10-18 years old.
  5. Driver’s license and at least one year of experience driving a car (not a motorcycle)
  6. COVID-19 vaccine.

Teachers who do not meet these qualifications need not apply.



Where are you from? 

Before you continue the application, you need to check if at this particular time, your country is inclusive.

These are the countries they are currently recruiting from. If your country is not listed, you  cannot proceed with your application. If that is the case, please select ‘Other’ in the menu above and write the name of your country  in the box provided . If they start recruiting in your country in the future you will  be contacted immediately.

Application process

Review eligibility: Before completing the application form, please review the requirements above to be sure you are eligible.

Apply online: Complete the online application form to provide details about your teaching experience, educational background, country of residence, and any accompanying family members.

Participate Learning staff review your application: We carefully review every qualified application. Applicants who meet our basic criteria will be contacted with the outcome of our team’s review.

Virtual interview: If your application is accepted, you will be invited to participate in a virtual interview to discuss your application and evaluate your compatibility with our program.

Submit required documentation: After a successful virtual interview, you will be asked to submit the documents needed to complete the Participate Learning admissions process.

In-person interview: This is a day-long interview that includes a morning group session, followed by individual interviews in the afternoon.

Program eligibility: After a successful personal interview and submission of all application documents, we review your information to ensure your eligibility for a U.S. teaching license and visa sponsorship.

If approved, you become eligible for a job offer. Schools begin hiring ambassador teachers starting in March each year. We strive to find all teachers who reach this stage a position. In rare cases, some candidates have to wait more than one year.

Consider U.S. teaching positions: After sharing your information with U.S. school districts that are interested in hosting international teachers, we notify you if a school is interested in making a job offer or speaking with you by phone or video call to consider you for a teaching position.

Decision: Some U.S. schools begin to extend offers to teachers as early as March or April, but the majority of schools hire their new teachers between May and August. Once an offer is made, we typically ask you to decide within 3 days.

Obtain your visa: After you accept a job offer, we will send you the documents you need to apply for an exchange visa.

Travel to the United States and start your adventure!




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