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Both teaching and non-teaching staff of the Ghana Education service can apply for transfer, the transfer comes in the form of  one district to another district within the same region(Inter District) or from one region to a different  region(Inter Region)

How long can I serve before i apply

You must serve a minimum of 3 years in a rural area and 4 – 5 years in a city.

Those from colleges of education also have a bond with the service within a particular district, you must make sure you have served the minimum years with the district or region.

How to apply

1. Apply for assurance letter from the district you wish be  transferred to.

2.Write an application for release transfer letter to the district of your present station.

Add photocopy of your assurance letter and supporting documents such as marriage certificate or health excuse documents.

In your application letter to your district include your staff ID, registered number of any.
Write the reason why you want to leave the district and the number of years you have been teaching in the district. Include your phone number(s)
Do follow ups to check if your application is approved.

3. When the application for transfer at your district is approved, You will be made to fill some forms including Personal Record Form. At this stage whatever is expected of you to do the officer in charge will direct you. After filling every form that is required at this level of the process, the director will have to sign. Do follow ups to check if the forms have have been approved by the director. If you are lucky and the director is available and less busy your forms can be endorsed within a day or two.

4. After every process at your district is completed you will have to send the documents to your regional education office for further processing. After you have submitted the documents to regional office do follow ups to check if your release letter is ready.

5. When the documents at your regional office is ready, collect them including a release letter and send part of the documents to the district of your present station to be kept on your file there.

6. (a)After sending part of the documents to the district of your present station you must send the rest of the documents including your release letter to the office of the district that gave you the assurance letter to be posted to a school in the district (that is for those who applied for inter district transfer in the same region)
(b) For those who applied for inter-regional transfer (got their assurance letter from another region) you must send the documents including the release letter from your region to the Ghana Education Service Headquarters in Accra to be released to your new region for the new region to release you to your new district.
If you have been pondering upon applying for transfer into another district in the same region(Inter district transfer) or to another district in a different region(Inter regional transfer ) this guide will help you through the application process.

credit: Ghana Teacher Diaries



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