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50 % Salary increment of Public Sector workers a Wrong Move

Public sector workers are on standby praying  for a better salary increment, for the newbies we learnt the salary negotiations usually take place in November but nothing is heard as at now, and from our sources we learnt is part of the hidden reason the teachers went on strike. Teacher unions call off strike after court order

In our Previous article, we wrote about the salaries of teachers in Ghana as compared to other workers in other Countries and compared it to the US Dollar.  2022 TEACHERS SALARY IN GHANA AND OTHER COUNTRIES

Most public sector workers including teachers see little allowances on their Payslip as compared to other workers, the salary might be small but the allowances are able to push them far, but for some, they only have to rely on the Monthly salary.

Public Sector Workers Base Pay Proposal for 2023  60% proposal 

As at March 5, 2022 here was the salaries of some Teachers when the dollar to cedi was;

05 March 2022 1 USD = 6.9495 GHS

and  Inflation rate for 5th March 2022 was 19.4%

Teachers Salary. Net Salary for newly Employed. Experienced Teachers earn little more.

Country Salary (net salary) per month Salary in US Dollars $ per month
Ghana (Basic School Teacher) Ghc 1, 600 $ 226
Ghana ( SHS/ Technical School Teachers) Ghc 2,000 $ 283
Ghana( University Lecturers)


Ghc 4,000 $ 565

Today 13th November, 2022  The Cedis to dollar @GCB rate

Currency Buying Selling
USD 13.0000 14.7000

and inflation stands at 40.4%.


Country Salary (net salary) per month Salary in US Dollars $ per month
Ghana (Basic School Teacher) Ghc 1, 600 $ 108.8
Ghana ( SHS/ Technical School Teachers) Ghc 2,000 $ 136.05
Ghana( University Lecturers)


Ghc 4,000 $ 272.1

The salary remains the same, except that some may talk of COLA which lost value before it even came Current inflation rate is not the same when we agreed on 15% CoLA – CCT-GH.

15 % COLA-  48.7% Water + Electricity Tariff = Neg 33.7%; Government Impoverishes Ghanaian Public Sector Workers perpetually

Check Also COLA Payment to all Public Sector Workers will end in December What next

How much do you need to make it up to the  same salary value?

For someone taking a salary of Ghc 2, 000 which was equivalent to USD 283 with inflation of 19.4% thus from 5th March, 2022,

the same amount is now equivalent to USD 136 .05 with inflation of 40.4% 

Percentage Loss, in value is about 51%

Well, the Statisticians will be able to do a better calculation, these are layman’s Calculation. Any correction is accepted…

With these, if the Ghanaian cedi does not appreciate and inflation rate does not come down before 2023 even with a 50% Salary increment is a lost.

As it will even be subjected to tax and SNNIT deductions. The loss is about 50% for the salary to rise/increase, then there should be more than 51% increment.

For a 55% salary increment, might even mean the difference is just about 4%-5% increment. 

Public Sector Workers Base Pay Proposal for 2023  60% proposal 

You might have heard the other Public sector workers  want their salaries to be purged against the US Dollar, so that as the dollar rises, they don’t lose the value of their salary.  They know what they are talking about.

We may not have all the data to make the calculations so accurate, we believe the Labour unions will Team up experts to make the necessary calculations before agreeing on any percentage increment.

Rwanda increased it’s teachers salary by 88%, should that be done here in Ghana would mean a 37% increment to see the value.

After increasing Teachers’ salary by 88%; Rwanda is now Employing more Teachers from other African Countries

More to come soon



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