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Find Your Way on the New MOE EMIS APP For School Census 2023

Find Your Way on the New MOE EMIS APP For School Census 2023


Find Your Way on the New MOE EMIS APP For School Census 2023;  The school Census is an annual process, and in 2022, the EMIS Teachers Profile | Kobo Toolbox Portal was used  EMIS Teachers Profile | Kobo Toolbox. Now, the Ministry of Education has introduced the EMIS APP APK, allowing teachers to upload their data.

However, many users are facing difficulties in navigating this new app. This article serves as a comprehensive guideline to help you download the app and find your way through it.

About the EMIS APP:

The EMIS APP, released by the Ministry of Education, is designed for collecting teachers’ data.

EMIS Ghana:
EMIS stands for Education Management Information System.

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How to Download the App:

District Provided Link:

Most districts have shared the App Download Link on various school platforms. If not, you can contact your District IT Coordinator.

Direct Link:

Alternatively, you can download the app using this link: EMIS App Download. Download on the Teachers Platform TELEGRAM and Ask questions for the Various coordinators to Assist you.

Installation File Upgraded Donload from this Group

School Not Registered on the APP Issues :

If your school is not registered on the app, Contact your district IT Coordinator for registration.

Try an alternative name search. If the registered school name doesn’t match your search, it won’t appear. For example, if the registrar typed “S.H.S” and you’re searching for “SHS,” you won’t find it.

After selecting your region and district, follow these steps:

Type the first letter of your school and press “Search.” All schools starting with that letter will appear, allowing you to select yours. For example, type “H” for Holy Child School or “A” for Abirem SHS.

No Staff ID

If you don’t have a Staff ID, type “0000” and continue.

Note that the app currently works on Android phones only, so ensure you have a strong internet connection.

Navigating the Portal:

Here’s how to navigate the app:

Download the app using the provided link.
Install it manually.
Allow EMIS to access your device’s location.
Click on “Find School.”
Be patient as the app may be slow.

Enter Region

District Compulsory

Enter Heads Number Optional


Sign In

Sign in by clicking “Sign In.”

Select your EMIS Role, such as Teacher/Head Teacher, Principal, School Data, District Officer, Regional Officer, Management Unit, or Office Staff.

Enter your EMIS Teacher code (e.g., ET000003).

Provide your password.

Click “Sign In.”

Forgot Password

If you forget your password, click on the EMIS Code section and provide your phone number.

Then, click on “Resend Password.” Please note that it may take some time for the password to arrive.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up.

Please bear with the app’s speed for now, as the Ministry may be working on updates for the current version 0.0.48. Download the APP Direct From Here 

Find Your Way on the New MOE EMIS APP For School Census 2023

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