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EMIS Teachers Profile | Kobo Toolbox

EMIS Teachers Profile | Kobo Toolbox

The EMIS Teachers Profile | Kobo Toolbox, a vital online portal initiated by the Ministry of Education in Ghana. Its primary purpose is to compile and manage essential information about teachers across the country. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of what this portal entails and how teachers can access and utilize it effectively.

Teacher Data Collection:

The Teachers Profile on Kobo Toolbox collects a wide range of information to build a comprehensive profile for each teacher and their respective schools. Here are some key categories of data collected:

Personal Information:

Full name, including surname, first name, and middle name
Phone number
Ghana card number (Personal ID)
Staff number
Marital status
Date of birth
First appointment Date
Date posted to present station
Current rank
Date appointed to rank

Educational and Career Information:

Mode of entry qualification
Highest academic qualification
Professional teaching qualification and completion date
Who pays the salary
Total attendance for the previous term

School and Work Details:

Provided School code (obtained from your headmaster)
Date of filling out the census form
Region, district, and circuit name
Political constituency
Level code (e.g., BASIC SCHOOL, SHS, TVET)
Name of the institution
Category (Teaching/Non-Teaching, Teaching Staff/Non-Teaching Staff)
Bank of payment
Provide Bank branch (location of the bank where you signed up)
Bank account number
Social Security Fund number (SSNIT)
Registered number

Language Proficiency:

Languages spoken fluently (select from a list of options)

Accessing the EMIS Portal:

To access the EMIS Teacher Profile on the Kobo Toolbox, follow these simple steps:

Open your web browser.
Search for “EMIS Teacher profile.”
Click on the relevant link to access the portal.
Begin filling out the forms with the required information.
Please note that you’ll need a school code, which can be obtained from your District or Metro Education office. Alternatively, you can contact the Metro ICT Coordinator for assistance in obtaining the code. You can also use the direct link provided below for registration on the MOE EMIS Portal for Teachers:

EMIS Portal Direct Link

The EMIS Portal can be accessed directly Here CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW APP 

School Census Register Here- MOE


EMIS Teacher App

Many of you are finding it a bit difficult to obtain your password and login code.

Step one

. Contact your district IT coordinator, and provide your name and ID to get you your codes.

Step 2.

Download the emails app and provide your phone number. Click forgot password to get your code/password. many have reported they are unable to access the portal even after download, if you fall within that category, then visit your District IT coordinator.

Find Your Way on the New MOE EMIS APP For School Census 2023

Important Tips:

Records are stored within your browser until they are uploaded, even if your computer is turned off or you go offline.

Queued records, except those marked as drafts, are uploaded automatically every 5 minutes while the web page is open and an internet connection is available.

To force an upload between automatic attempts, simply click the “Upload” button.



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