2024 Ghana National Fire Service Salary and Training Allowance

Ghana National Fire Service Salary and Training Allowance

Explore the Ghana National Fire Service Salary and Training Allowance for officers, how much does Ghana National Fire Service pay wassce recruits.

Salary Structure: The compensation for Ghana National Fire Service workers in Ghana is determined by the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS), Single Spine Salary Structure for Public Sector Workers in Ghana.

Salaries range from Ghc 2,320  (minimum) to Ghc 6,550. The Lowest for WASSCE recruits and High for Degree Officers, the Highest is Paid to how long you have served and your rank.

Monthly wages include housing, transportation, and other amenities as part of the comprehensive package.

Allowances: Various allowances are provided, with the understanding that the risk allowance remains constant.

Ghana National Fire Service Training Allowance:

Officers undergoing training in the Ghana National Fire Service receive a training allowance ranging from Ghc 3,500 to Ghc 4,500, subject to periodic review. Minimum qualification requirements include a Senior High School (SHS) diploma, and recruitment is open to other craftsmen and Professional Certificate Holders. Regardless of rank, all recruits undergo training, which lasts for about 3 months, concluding with a pass-out ceremony.

Ghana Fire Service Forms 2024

How do I become a Fire Fighter in Ghana 

To be eligible for induction into the Ghana National Fire Service, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth.
  • Have no criminal record and possess good character.
  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age for Officer Corps applicants and between 18 and 35 years for Driver/Mechanics.
  • Meet the physical and medical fitness standards set by the Fire Service.
  • Have a minimum height of 1.73 meters (5ft8 inches) for males and 1.63 meters (5ft4 inches) for females.

In addition to satisfying the general eligibility criteria, Firefighters and Rescue Crew applicants must also meet the educational requirements:

  • Four (4) credits in SSCE/WASSCE, with a pass in English language or mathematics (D7 or E8).
  • Four (4) credits in the Ghana Education Service (GES) Intermediate Level Certificate, with a pass in English or Mathematics, or ‘A’ Level/’O’ Level with credit in English.


Ranks for Recruitment Junior Officers:

Upon successful completion of the training course at the Ghana National Fire Service’s Fire Academy and Training School, recruits commence their journey at the rank of recruit fireman/firewoman (FATS) and advance through the following hierarchy:

  • Recruit Fireman (RFM) / Recruit Firewoman (RFW)
  • Fireman (FM) / Firewoman (FW)
  • Senior Fireman (SFM) / Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  • Leading Fireman (LFM) / Leading Firewoman (LFW)
  • Subordinate Officer (SUB/O) / Assistant Group Officer (AGO)
  • Assistant Station Officer (ASO) / Deputy Group Officer (DGO)
  • Station Officer Grade Two (STN/OII) / Group Officer Grade Two (GO II)
  • Station Officer Grade One (STN/OI) / Group Officer Grade One (GO I)

This progression unfolds from the lowest rank to the highest rank within the Junior Officers category.

Explore the Senior Officer Ranks 

  • Cadet Officer (CO) *Note: Elevation to a Senior Officer position occurs through training at the Fire Academy And Training School (FATS).
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO I)
  • Assistant Divisional Officer Grade Two (ADO II)
  • Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO III)
  • Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO II)
  • Divisional Officer Grade One (DO I)
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)
  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
  • Chief Fire Officer (CFO)

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