YEA Recruitment Portal | portal 2024

YEA Recruitment Portal | portal

YEA Skill Training Module Module has opened its portal to recruit 20,000 people into 10 artisanal Professions.; Auto Works, Carpentry, Hairdressing, Glazing Works, Plaster of Paris (POP), Painting, Plumbing, Beauty Care, General Electricals, Steel Works, Welding and Fabrication.

Successful Applicants will be trained and given starter packs to Begin their businesses.

Take your Time to Read the instructions below and Click to Apply.

Here is the Direct link to the Youth Employment Agency’s Recruitment Portal

Deadline 18th December 2023

About YEA Portal

YEA Recruitment Portal is an online platform designed to connect employers with young job seekers. It aims to bridge the gap between the youth and job opportunities by providing a user-friendly and efficient recruitment process. Fully sponsored by the government of Ghana.

The portal offers various features such as job listings, candidate profiles, resume uploads, and communication tools, Apprenticeship opportunities.

Employers can post job openings and search for candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. They can also screen and shortlist potential candidates through the portal. The government also uses the portal to recruit the youth into, Community Health Nursing Assistance Programmes YEA Community Health Nurses Recruitment, Community Police Assistance Youth Employment; Community Police Assistant, Artisans Recruitment Call For Application; YEA Youth in Trade and Vocation,  Prison Office Assistants POAs- Youth Employment Agency Recruitment, Youth Employment Work Abroad, List of All Details Required from Applicant

On the other hand, young job seekers can create profiles, upload their resumes, and browse through job listings that match their skills and interests. They can apply for jobs directly through the portal and communicate with employers. There are district offices around you where you can go for more inquiries.

New Jobs on the YEA Job Centre Portal Apply

Recruitment Portal

If you need any form of Recruitment, the YEA advertise available slot for the youth to Apply, However, you can always visit the recruitment portal for Jobs, Apprentice, and Work Abroad Offers.

To use the YEA Recruitment Portal,

Go to your web browser and search YEA Recruitment Portal or portal, On the YEA Dashboard Click on  Modules then Registration Portal

You’ll be redirected to the Apply Portal

Available are


Register for the garment and apparel training and employment program
course through that portal


Click to apply for Artisanal jobs, register as an Artisan for training, and access your information course


Click to register for YEA modules, and access your personal information

YEA Recruitment Portal Link

Here is the Direct link to the Youth Employment Agency’s Recruitment Portal

YEA Recruitment Portal | portal General Module

The YEA General Module gives you Access to the Following;


Click on it to register for YEA modules


Click on it to edit your Date of Birth your Ghana Card PIN or your Module


Click on it to print or download your receipt


Click on it to check and print your shortlist letter


Click on it to check and print your engagement letter


Click on it to do a short survey on the YEA modules


Click on it to register for the CHW exit program



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