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How much is Responsibility allowance in GES 2024

How much is Responsibility allowance in GES?

The Ghana Education Service Collective Agreement document has many allowances for teachers.

These allowances Serve as extra motivation for teachers to take on extra duties.

The Responsibility allowance in GES is 10% of the basic salary.

Eg. If your Basic salary is GHS 5,000

Then it’s going to be 5,000 by 10%

These additional duties or Responsibilities include being Head of Department (HOD), Form Master, and Housemaster).

Here are the revised rates of allowance for Teachers; Revised Approved Rates of allowances for Teaching Staff within GES

Check full salary Single Spine Salary Structure for Public Sector Workers / GES First Tranche 23 % Calculation in Ghana

The responsibility Allowance is Paid to only those who have been assigned responsibility by the Heads.

How to Apply for Responsibility allowance

To Apply for responsibility allowance,

First get assigned by your Head.

Obtain the Letter

Make a copy for yourself and send a copy of the letter together with a scanned copy of your Ghana Card.

Write a letter attach; Application for Responsibility Allowance.

Submit copies to your District, and Regional HR’s Office.

Note that, your School will also Submit a list of assigned responsibilities and Teachers to the GES Director through the district and Region.

Auditors always inspect this list.’




This is the Amount teachers get as Professional Allowance and clause 24 of the C. A; Are Teachers to pay for the Courses?

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