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Rapping Science Teacher | Sarkodie Needed in the Classroom

Rapping Science Teacher | Sarkodie Needed in the Classroom

Here is the jgm science tutors, matt green science doing wonders in the science  classroom with  science raps. This is Beautiful.

Science Teachers out there over to you, many don’t like science because they seem not to be able to memorise a lot of concepts.

It’s rather wonderful how many can memorise Rap Music and sing them and find it difficult to define Density or Archimedes’ Principle.

Well, today teachers are doing their best to blend Teaching with what  majority like and do.

Teaching and Learning of Physics, Chemitry, Biology etc Made so simple for music lovers.

The Rapping Science Teacher

A science teacher has found an unusual way to get his pupils to remember his lessons — by turning them into incredible musical raps.

Matt Green, 33, has been teaching for 10 years and now boasts more than 200,000 followers on TikTok, where he posts new raps covering topics on the GCSE science syllabus.

Having dabbled with rapping while studying at the University of Kent, he started with short raps while he was a teacher.

Covering topics from electrodes and plug wiring to genes and photosynthesis, children recite his rhymes during exams to help their memory.

Since posting new content on TikTok he’s gone viral, with children regularly posting they know his songs word for word and use them to help in exams.


A former full-time teacher, Matt left his state school job last year and now runs a tutoring business with 70 people.

He said: ‘I got into teaching 10 years ago, taught in a couple of schools, and then eventually left to form my own company.

‘That took off and the rapping was something to bring some attention to the company, and to help people learn.

‘Not everyone can pay for tutoring, so this helps students whose parents can’t afford it too.

‘I started off with a really big interest in music while I was at uni. I was a bit of a wannabe rapper, but I don’t think I had the confidence for it back then.’

Science master gets pupils to remember lessons by rapping them

Matt Green’s raps have gone viral after he shared them on TikTok

GCSE Chemistry


Science master gets pupils to remember lessons by rapping them

Matt aims to cover the entire GCSE science syllabus — which he expects will take him years to finish.

Currently uploading a video every two weeks, Matt aims to cover the entire GCSE science syllabus — which he expects will take him years to finish.

Having now got his tutoring business JGM Tutors off the ground, he’s hoping to take a step back from the company and dedicate more time to his rapping.

He added: ‘I started off with a little bit of rapping at school for classes and then started putting it on social media around 2020.

‘The kids love the music; they even get involved sometimes.

‘The intention was just to try and put something to a rhythm so they can memorise it. A lot of the kids say to me that they know the lyrics now — they often post comments on by videos.

‘I find it baffling when they can do it word for word. It’s kind of weird and a bit humbling that people actually learn them.

‘Obviously, that was the intention, but I didn’t think it’d ever actually happen.’


Matt, a father-of-three from North London, says he’s received sponsorship offers and visited schools with his music and now wants to dedicate more time to his songs.

‘I didn’t foresee it being an earner for an actual job, but I keep getting people knock on my door for sponsored posts and all sorts of things.

‘It brings in income in a pretty interesting way, but the idea now I think is to just keep making tunes for the entire Key Stage 4 science syllabus — which should take years.

‘Any money I get though will just be used to re-invest in getting better quality videos and audio or hiring people to help improve the process so I can put out videos quicker.’

Matt’s songs are on @mattgreen.jgm on TikTok and Instagram.


Teachers in this country can try that to see the outcome. That’s a great innovation.

My Friend Can Rap all Sarkodie’s songs but can’t Define Density hehe..



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