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Renew Your NTC License Scam; Urgent Warning for Teachers

Renew Your NTC License Scam; Urgent Warning for Teachers over the Latest Scam Targeting Teacher Platforms

Dear Teachers,

We feel compelled to bring your attention to a new scam that has emerged on various teacher platforms. The scammers behind this nefarious operation are well aware that the teacher licenses, especially those from the first and second batches, are set to expire in 2024. Consequently, they have taken it upon themselves to deceive teachers by offering license renewal under certain conditions.

Most of these scammers claim to be calling from the National Teaching Council (NTC) and assert that they are in the process of updating teacher licensure numbers. They will then request that you pay a certain amount of money for an instant renewal or ask you to send a specific code, promising to update your license for you.

Alarming Part

However, here’s the alarming part: the moment you send the requested code or the money, these scammers will either reset your WhatsApp account or block you altogether.

Once they have hijacked your WhatsApp, they will start reaching out to your friends in your name, claiming that you are stranded somewhere and urgently need to borrow money, typically ranging from Ghc 500 and above.

They will provide a separate contact for your friends to send the money, citing that you owe  on that line.


Teachers, please be informed that the only legitimate way to renew your teacher licensure number is by completing the NTC courses and acquiring the required number of points for your rank. The NTC has introduced new directives, one of which allows teachers to renew their licenses with just 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points per year, totaling 60 points over three years.

CPD Points to be revised to 20 Points for all Ranks  NTC Teachers and Stakeholders meeting Outcome

We strongly advise against resorting to backdoor methods or attempting to accumulate points at any cost. Always exercise caution and verify the identity of individuals or organizations you are dealing with.

If you require assistance with your licensure renewal, we encourage you to visit the NTC office. It’s essential to remember that money is hard to come by in these challenging times, so it’s crucial not to fall victim to scams.

Your financial security and professional integrity are at stake, and we urge you to stay vigilant and share this warning with your fellow teachers. Let’s protect our community from these deceitful individuals.

Safeguard your licensure, and stay safe!


How to Download your NTC CPD Transcript



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