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UEW Transcript and English Proficiency Request Online Official and Unofficial 2024

How to apply/request the University of Education, Winneba UEW  Transcript and English Proficiency or check the interactive Transcript

You can request your Transcript Directly or Via our Agent on Campus 0550414552, Specify the transcript Type. 

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UEW Transcript and English Proficiency Request Online Official and Unofficial 2024

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Transcript Meaning

What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official document of a student’s academic history, which includes courses taken, grades received and degrees conferred. It contains a comprehensive listing of a student’s courses, grades, credits, and degrees earned at a college or university.

The transcript includes the student’s name, the University or college name, the courses taken, the grades earned, the date of the degree awarded, an Official Stamp, and a Signature from the Registrar. Some also contain Bar Codes and secret identities for Authentication Purposes.

The Transcript, when requested is Printed or sent in a PDF format.

If you’ve not graduated yet, then you can check the interactive transcript.

What is an interactive transcript?

An interactive transcript allows students to view their academic records online, as well as view any courses taken in the past and any current courses in progress. The interactive transcript also shows all grades, test scores, and other academic data in an easy-to-read format. It is often an interactive, graphical representation of the student’s academic history that can give an overall picture of the student’s academic performance.

Check UEW interactive Transcript – Unofficial

To check the UEW interactive transcript, also known as the Unofficial Transcript,  log in to your OSIS students portal, Formerly ITS Portal, and click on results or Transcript to view. You can download or print the interactive transcript or screenshot it. Some Universities do not allow you to Print your interactive transcript.

Why should I check my interactive / Unofficial transcript?

Checking your interactive transcript is important because it allows you to keep track of your academic progress.

You can use the interactive transcript to look for discrepancies between the classes you took and the grades you received, making sure your transcripts are accurate and complete. You can also use the transcript to double-check your course grades and make sure all of your credits are accounted for.

If there are any inaccuracies in your transcript, you can contact your college or university to investigate and get them corrected. You can also see the lecturer involved in correcting the error.

You need to see the lecturer, most students feel reluctant to see the lecturers until it’s too late. Don’t be afraid to see them, they are all humans just like you and they have been students just like you before.

How many times can one request for UEW transcript?

Depending on the college or university, you may be able to request multiple transcripts. However, some institutions limit the number of transcripts a student may order each semester or within an academic year.

Contact the UEW  registrar’s office for more information.

Why do institutions demand Transcripts?

Colleges, universities and Some Employers require transcripts to get a full picture of a student’s academic performance.

Transcripts allow admissions officers or recruiting agencies to get a holistic view of the student, including their grades, courses taken, and any academic awards or honors received. Transcripts also allow admissions officers or HRs to make an informed decision when evaluating a student or potential employee. They are important in determining the student’s level of preparedness and readiness for a college or university-level course load and how the potential employee’s consistency and ability to work in certain departments.

In the absence of School certificates transcripts can be used.

Do not go for an interview without your school certificate if not available take along your transcript. I nearly lost a job because I didn’t carry one during the interview.

Direct Application via Our Agent on campus 0550414552

Contact our Agent

Request for the Transcript and Specify the duration of the Request

It can take 24 hours for a Transcript and Proficiency to be processed.


Your Surname, First Name, and Other Name

Index Number


Year of Entry

Graduation Year on Certificate

Active Contact Number


Delivery Address


How  to request for UEW  transcript Official

Request for Your UEW Transcript, Attestation, and English Proficiency Letter

Requesting a college or university transcript typically involves contacting the school’s registrar’s office or visiting the school’s website.

Usually, you need to fill out a form, before the transcript is sent.

You can also use the online portal to Apply.

To Apply for UEW Transcript

Go to your web browser, search University of UEW Transcript Request Online Official and Unofficial Portal

Provide your credentials, including the name that appeared on your certificate, Index number, Email, and Address.

Provide Programme pursued

Pay the Required Fees.

Wait for a message.


Sometimes the online portal may get issues and your transcript may be delayed, the alternative way to get your transcript will be to go to the campus and request directly.

You can contact friends who are still on campus or other students in lower levels thus Juniors, and provide them with your credentials to apply on your behave.

UEW Transcript Request Online Official and Unofficial

Use this Link to request a Transcript as an Alumni or Student

NB on Third-Party Transcript Request

Note that, some unscrupulous persons can create a portal for you to pay monies to them to take your transcript for you. You do so at your own risk. The university does not recognize search persons. Contact the university or use the Direct method outlined earlier in obtaining a transcript from UEW.



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