Zambia Army Recruitment

Zambia Army Recruitment

Apply for this year’s Zambia Army Recruitment


To be accepted into the Zambia Army, applicants must possess the following:

Possession of 14 points and below at Grade 12 level which should contain English, Mathematics, Science, and any two subjects.

You should be between 18 and 25 years old.

Must be a Zambian citizen and have a green national registration card.

Must not have any criminal record.

Applicants must be deemed medically, mentally, and physically fit.

Possess a height of 1.73m or 5’8 feet for males and 1.65m or 5’4 feet for females.

Female candidates shouldn’t be pregnant at the time of application

Must be a Zambia and possess a green national registration card.

Categories/Qualifications Available in Zambia Army

The categories and qualifications consist of Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers. For Commissioned Officers under the Zambia Army Recruitment:

They must possess 14 points and below.
They have to be 25 years and below for college leavers.
27 years for specialists including engineers, clinic officers, accountants
35 years for medical doctors


Next is the Zambia Army Recruitment

Interested Zambians wishing to join the Zambia Army can check the national dailies within the country or check online for information on the latest recruitment exercise.


How to Apply for Zambia Army Recruitment

As of the time of publication of this information, the Zambia Army recruitment form for this is out. In case it passes before you see,  intending applicants to join the army are advised to take note of the requirements and get prepared for the recruitment exercise then.

Kindly note that once the recruitment form is officially out, it will be in the headlines of national dailies and the procedure to apply will be stipulated clearly.

Recruitment Excercise is Free of Charge, you pay monies to People at your own risk.


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