Teacher Professional Development

3 New Mounted Free Online Courses You should Take

Three New mounted courses on instill you should take. There are other interesting courses too you can take.

Instill Education  in partnership with NTC  is organizing Professional Teacher Capacity Training.

Anyone can register on Upskill and access our courses for free

You can also connect to groups of educators who are in the same situation or completing the same pathways of learning.

These groups allow for peer-to-peer learning, answering questions or assisting with daily challenges that arise in your school or classroom.

Using Upskill allows you to complete these bite-sized modules at your own pace and on the go. The other benefits of using Upskill are:

What is taught in these modules is practical, and can be immediately implemented within a classroom environment with great impact.

There are many courses. Available but they are old. For the old courses, if you do them, you will only get certificates no points.

The new courses

We are excited to announce the release of NEW MODULES on Upskill.

Click on each pathway below to see what’s new!

1. Lesson Planning (Teacher Pathway)

2. Supporting Student and Teacher Wellbeing (Teacher Pathway)

3. Leading For Learning (School Leader Pathway)


Login to the Upskill portal


Click on New Account, If you already have an account just login.

Select the course you want to take and Click on Enroll me

Courses Available 


Readying Ourselves For A Positive Classroom Culture

Setting Clear Expectations With Learners

Building Classroom Routines

For Learning Reinforcing
Learner Expectations

Lesson Planning (Teacher Pathway)

And many other Courses to Build your professional Development.
For  NTC CPD Course Click to read

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Aguri Ali Inusah
Aguri Ali Inusah
11 months ago

Organizing the e-learning is one of the easiest ways of helping teachers all over the world to equip themselves with new concept of teaching.Any teacher with good internet connection can upgrade him/her knowledge in the teaching profession.

I have really learnt a lot in the upskill educational platform.Their courses are well strategized and easy to learn on your own and understand.

I will suggest that,all the accredited bodies certified to organize workshops for teachers must do it on online basis so that many teachers can participate.

Ansah Michael
11 months ago

Affirmative action that can be use in class room is Democratic leadear

Doris Adjei Mensah
Doris Adjei Mensah
11 months ago

Ok I’m waiting please

Nina Boateng Sekyere
11 months ago

I’m waiting please

Nina Boateng Sekyere
11 months ago

All is true

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