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30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations

The 2023 Public Sector workers Base pay Negotiations has seen some drags …

There has been so much speculations in the System, Workers can’t even identify which is an accurate information.

Seekersnewsgh has been following the negotiations keenly with all updates coming your way as it happens.

Here is the Current Update on the Base Pay negotiations as at 12th January, 2023.

Base Pay Update


Government and Labour Unions has Finnaly agreed on a 30% Base Pay increement for Public Sector Workers which will take effect From January, 2023

This brings to an end of 15% Cost of Living allowance

The Finance Minster has to sit in this meeting to get this final conclusions.

According to the Finance Minister, this will enhance Productivity as they have come to a satisfied Conclusion.

How to make Accurate Calculations of the 30% Base Pay increment to Public Sector Workers


This negotiations started with organised labour requesting for a whooping 140% increment in Base Pay .  Update on Public sector Workers salary Negotiations 140%

Government that started from 8% has to increase its Percentage to 20% for Labour to agree on, but was also rejected, Many speculations on social media; Government was planning to Give 21 plus COLA 21% Plus COLA ; Public sector workers Salary Negotiations,  and Labour requested that they add COLA to the 21% and Give 36%.

The later analysis which could not be confirmed suggested that even COLA government wanted to give was not actually COLA  Gov’t to Continue Payment of 15% COLA Until Talks Conclude , So government would have given 18% Base pay increment  this January Give a 15% allowance which won’t be called COLA but would be given to workers until the Economy becomes stable.

Some of these speculations were fully analyzed on Joynews TV.

According to labour Experts, the labour Laws are clear enough, anything Government wants to give must be Named, there was nothing like COLA until the Country experience harsh economic situations Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) was introduced by the erstwhile Mahama administration from the later of 2013 to March 2015. The motive for COLA was to mitigate the high cost of living at that time.

Labour experts also indicated that, if government has come clean with the true state of the economy this prolong negotiations wouldn’t have happened.


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January 13, 2023 4:16 am

Increase or no increase its very difficult nowadays to serve this country Ghana. How come government wants to use pensioners bonds for debt restructuring sustainability to satisfy IMF demands, whiles your government size is too big and you do not want to reduce it.

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