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11th January Public Sector Workers Base Pay Salary Negotiation Update



Today’s update 

30% Conclusions made on 12th January Public Sector Base Pay Negotiations

11th January Public Sector Workers Base Pay Salary Negotiation Update

25% from Government Read more 

Public sector workers are currently negotiating for base pay increment for 2023.

There has been some engagement between labour Unions and Government which did not yield any conclusive  result.

On 6th January, 2023 the Fair wages and Salary Commission Sent another invitation letter to the representatives of the Government Team and Labour Unions/Associations,  inviting them for Base pay negotiation Today 10th January, 2023 at 2:00 pm at the
Ministry of Health (Conference Room).

Meeting Leak

Information reaching seekersnewsgh indicates  Salary negotiation ended behind closed doors with government side standing at 21% with cola while organized labour stood at 36% with cola scrap off pending approval from government side . Closed door meeting

What transpired at the meeting on 10th 

The meeting started with a word of prayer
from a member from organized labour

A recap was made with regards to the 18 and 58% respectively

The labor minister was not happy about the way the negotiation is taking too many days to come to a conclusion because controller would have to do the inputs and not to make people worse off.

Business of the day

The Government team without moving from their 18% they asked for an excuse to caucus among themselves.

Upon their return the Government team moved to 20%

Organized labor made a point that the 20% was very low therefore we were not going to take it.

Organized labor then moved from 58 to 50% upon their request that we also move in the face of negotiation.

*On that note the meeting was moved until 11th January, 2023 at 2pm


Today 11th January, 2023 Update

According to an interview on JoyFm

Government Currently wants labour unions to let go, of cola for 18% increment  in Base pay or  15% cola will be given to workers for January then later scraped in February  for 15% increase in Base Pay.

The meeting today which took place for over 5 hours has nothing new.

According to Labour Union, Current inflation rate is even above 54% hence their demand of 50 % is not coming down.

Meeting adjourned to Thursday 12th January, 2023
There were many Caucus meetings on Government side

Current update from Labour 


From: *National Executive Committee *
*To:* The General Membership
*Attention:* The National Council -NC
Date: 11/01/2023
Meeting commenced around 2:30pm with an opening prayer as usual.

Recap of yesterday’s meeting was done and meeting continued.

At today’s meeting, Government team still proposed 20% but was rejected by Organized Labour.

Subsequently, the Government team went into a long caucus meeting and later called leadership of Organized Labour for a compromise in order to ensure that the agreed Base Pay rate can be incorporated into the January salary of workers by CAGD by Friday, 13th January, 2023.

Government later proposed 25% Base Pay for 2023 while Organized Labour gave a cut off rate of 35% which was later reduced to 30%.

Government team was not able to decide on the 30% today, hence the meeting has been adjourned to tomorrow, Thursday, 12th January, 2023 for final determination.

Meeting came to a close at 6:15pm

Thank you

Peter Eyram Kuenyefu
General Secretary

Issues by:
The National PR lead.
Aminu A. Mohammed

Let’s wait for 12th January’s outcome 
Messages  earlier intercepted by seekersnewsgh on 6th December, 2022 about Governments intentions to Give 21% Plus COLA, Many sent in their comments asking labour Unions to at least accept 36% Instead  Check more of it here 21% Plus COLA ; Public sector workers Salary Negotiations, 
Since the economy is not stable labour is also considering all aspects


January Salary is going to be affected as the Negotiations are still delaying  hence the Governments earlier re-assurance to pay COLA until Negotiations are Concluded. Gov’t to Continue Payment of 15% COLA Until Talks Conclude

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Source; JoyFM


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