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GES Press Release on Teacher’s Digital Skills Audit and School-Base Troubleshooters

Ghana Education Service Issues Nomination and Training Directive for School-Based Troubleshooters and Teachers’ Digital Skills Audit

Accra, 29th August 2023 – The Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with the National Teaching Council (NTC) and CENDLOS has initiated a significant educational advancement through the development of an ICT Integration Handbook. This innovative handbook aims to enhance the capacity of teachers across the nation in alignment with the National Teachers’ Standards.

The ICT Integration Handbook comprises two volumes catering to different teacher levels: Volume 1, designed for Beginner Teachers, focuses on fundamental tools, while Volume 2, tailored for Intermediate Teachers, provides guidance on integrating ICT into lessons effectively.

In a meeting held at Alisa Hotel on 26th June 2023, stakeholders including the NTC, GES, and CENDLOS convened to discuss the roll-out strategy for digital skills training.

This training initiative is set to benefit teachers in all Senior High Schools across Ghana. The next crucial step involves the implementation of ICT and Digital Literacy Training within schools.

To facilitate this, a comprehensive Digital Skills Survey will be undertaken to shape the development of Digital Literacy Training Modules. Additionally, targeted support will be provided at the school level.

As part of the forthcoming support, an essential task is for Heads of Senior High Schools (SHS) and Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) to nominate proficient individuals for the role of troubleshooters.

These troubleshooters, preferably individuals well-versed in ICT such as Head of ICT, IT officers, or staff members with basic ICT proficiency equipped with a personal laptop/smartphone, will play a pivotal role in integrating ICT and digital skills among fellow teachers.

They will also guide teachers in completing the Digital Skills Survey and offer necessary assistance to address digital challenges within schools.

To equip troubleshooters with the necessary skills, a virtual training session on Digital Literacy, ICT Integration, the Digital Skills Survey Tool, the ICT Integration Handbook, and other Open Educational Reources (OER) is scheduled from 4th to 6th September 2023.

Moreover, the call is out for all Senior High School Teachers to participate actively by completing a Digital Skill Survey instrument using Google Forms from 6th to 15th September 2023.

This initiative is aimed at tailoring support to meet the specific needs of teachers.

To further streamline the training process, all Senior High School teachers are advised to register on the Teacher Portal Ghana. NTC Teacher Portal Login | tpg ntc gov gh portalThis registration will enable the NTC to upload training modules that align with individual training requirements. For registration, teachers can visit

For inquiries and clarifcations, Atubga Agamba, Ag. Director of CPD at NTC, can be contacted at 0244536330/0204329444.

Stephen Kwaku Owusu, Ag. Deputy Director-General (MS), stated, “This initiative holds the potential to revolutionize teaching practices and bring our education system to new heights.”

For further distribution and coordination, the message has been shared with various stakeholders including the GES Council, GES Headquarters, and regional educational offices.

Please find the attached schedule for further details.

All Senior High School Teachers are to complete the Digital Skill Survey using the provided Google Form link:

The survey will be ope for responses from 6th to 15th September, 2023. The insights gathered will significantly contribute to the development of targeted support for teachers.



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