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I want to be a teacher but I’m worried about the pay

I want to become a teacher, but I’m worried that I won’t be making enough money. Will it be worth it to pursue teaching?

Is Teaching that horrible? I’m scared


You’ll be shocked by the type of questions people ask when they want to choose teaching as a profession. 

Many parents tell their children never to become Teachers. This is not in your country alone, this is a worldwide issue. 

Some other professionals see teachers to be magicians when it comes to how they can live on their salary

With the current worldwide inflation and cost of living one will wonder how a teacher survives. 

If a lady boldly says She won’t marry a teacher, or she can never marry a teacher it’s because of the ordeal of a teacher. surviving on monthly basis. 

Even when it comes to teachers’ pensions, nothing better.

3K Retirement Benefit; GNAT NEC Meeting Outcome- GES Clearance for Allowance Payment to Teachers

Would we say then that, most teachers in the country only chose the profession because there’s no job? or No Better alternative?

Here is what a Teacher has to say

I went through nearly every post in this sub and needless to say I am frightened.

My main fear stems from job prospects and being able to take care of my family.

I know that teaching does not pay well, but I now fear I have chosen the wrong profession if I wish to take care of my family (or my fair share as my wife works too). I do not wish to have a lavish lifestyle, but a teacher’s salary is livable, no?

Not to mention all of these stories of teachers quitting after their first or second year. Can someone give me words of wisdom to quell my fears?

This is someone in the USA, it’s even worse in Africa.

From Gail Malkiewicz

That is a good question. I taught for 31 years. There were several times I thought about changing careers to make more money or to feel more appreciated. But I continued and I am glad I did. It is not a career I would try to talk someone into, someone has to want to teach.

It can be the hardest, most frustrating, and underpaid career out there, It is not the 9-3 job many people think.

Teachers stay at work late, go in early and take work home.

The only profession you steal stuff from you to school to be used even without being appreciated. 

Loans and Credit Cards

Many Teachers are trying their best to add up a few things to what they do, they have no means of getting any source of funding for their projects. African Teachers usually have Multiple Loans on their Payslips. 

The majority of People are not honest, hence when teachers even get Loans and try to do other business their partners collapse their business for them. 

In Ghana since Teachers are so engaged, they usually venture into the Transport business in which Drivers always run away with their money or destroy the vehicles for them. 

Some also open Book shops and Provision Shops but their workers always collapse their businesses because they are at work. 

Teaching can be rewarding

It is also the most rewarding job if you have a passion for it. The hours are good. You have the same vacations as your children so it can be a good career for a parent.

You will make enough to live a basic life in some countries. 

If you want a large home, fancy car, and exotic vacations, it may not be your career.

But if you have the passion to help children learn to learn and reach their potential in their lives. 

 To answer all the questions we can’t… What can you say, about the teachers’ salaries? 

Are you able to survive or What can tell a brother?

Revised Approved Rates of allowances for Teaching Staff within GES



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