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KWASTECH Old Students ( KWASTOSA) Expresses Displeasure on Change of School Name By Chief

In an interview with the P.R. O (Prince Sarfo Harley) of the Old Students Association Kwanyarko Senior High Technical School by seekersnewsgh, it has been alleged, the accepted name of the school as mentioned above is to be changed to Ampem Darko Senior High School.

The old Students association believes the  existing name is unique and must not be changed. ” A Dormitory, a classroom Block or a street name can be changed but not the entire School’s Name” it serves as the pure identity of the Town and the old students, Said the P.R.O.

From the deductions made, The chief Believes His contribution to the school warrants naming of the school after Him but according to the Old students, there are others who have equally contributed massively to the development of the school including some renowned politicians, the student body, the town and the Government of Ghana.

Here is the Letter released by the Association, which has been signed by all the Executives,


We the old students of Kwanyako Senior High Technical School write to register our displeasure on the alleged change of name of our school to Ampem Darko Senior High School.

Our attention was drawn to a letter by the chief of Kwanyako upon one of our regular visits to the school on the matter raised in this letter from the supposed letter, we were briefed by the management of the school that, the chief reported that he has contributed to the development of the school by providing land for the establishment of the school infrastructure and other items such as books, computers and among others, which makes it possible for the school to be named after him.

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First, on the issue of land for establishing the school, investigation by the old student’s association reveals that, other distinguished and well-meaning families in Kwanyako also contributed parcels of land to the school.

Also, it is on record that, currently there are portions of land in the school that are not owned by the school; therefore, the school is taking steps to acquiring those lands.

Similarly, evidence abounds that, during the fees paying days in Kwanyako Senior High School, students were billed levies in support of acquiring lands for the development of the school. Contrary to what we are being made to believe, the above evidences show that, the chief was not the sole person that contributed land towards the establishment and development of our dear school.

Again, on the issue of donating infrastructure and other items to the school, it is on record that, other philanthropists like Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Andrew Greer have built a six-unit classroom block and a computer laboratory respectively towards the growth of the school.

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Additionally, the Member of Parliament for Agona East Constituency, Honorable, Queenster Pokuaa Sawyer has over the years contributed and still contributing immensely towards the development of the school in diverse ways, which we have lost count. The old student’s association also continue to provide support for the school in different ways which is on record and can be verified from the current and old school management.

Furthermore, we wish to draw the attention of Authorities that, the establishment of our dear school was through the hard work and sacrifice of the entire Kwanyako people together with the government.

We wish to express that, by this letter, we do not seek to disregard the contributions of the chief but to state that, the school represents the entire Kwanyako town and it remains the only recognized entity that makes Kwanyako stand out. To add, the change of name would bring negative implications to the school since Kwanyako is a known brand as well as the school and its past students losing their identity.

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Importantly, we the old students believe that, matters of this nature need a broad consultation from all stakeholders since the school is an institution that serves Ghana, the Kwanyako community and Old Students as a whole. In all these, we wish to state that, the name of the school should remain as Kwanyako Senior High School, however, classroom blocks, dormitories, lanes and house in the school can be named after distinguished personalities like the chief and among others who have contributed immensely towards the development of the school.

Kwanyako Senior High Technical School represents Kwanyako and-its people.

seekersnewsgh is yet to speak with the school management on the issue.

Read Full letter 

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