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List of Teacher Unions Demand from Political Parties for Teachers 2024

List of Teacher Unions’ Demand from Political Parties for Teachers



The importance of teachers in the educational system cannot be overstated. Defined as individuals with accredited training and qualifications recognized by educational authorities, teachers play a crucial role in imparting knowledge and skills to students. However, despite their pivotal role, there have been persistent challenges in the training, management, remuneration, and welfare of teachers in Ghana.

In light of these challenges, there are demands for significant reforms to address the issues faced by teachers.

These include the full implementation of collective agreements and improvements in working conditions to attract and retain teachers.

Additionally, there is a call for equitable teacher deployment, ensuring that schools receive the necessary staffing to meet their needs.

Other demands encompass measures such as salary increases, professional development opportunities, and the provision of essential benefits like health insurance and housing schemes for teachers.

The proposal emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to support and empower teachers, thereby enhancing the quality of education in Ghana.



We define a teacher as a person who has undergone and successfully completed an approved

training for teachers and awarded a degree, diploma, or certificate by an Institution or Body
recognised by the Ghana Education Service Council, and licensed by the National Teaching
Council, hence qualified to teach in a public school in Ghana.

The teacher is therefore required to impart knowledge and ensure the acquisition of the requisite
skills by learners entrusted to his/her care.

We note sadly, however, that over the decades, policies relating to training, management,
remuneration and welfare of teachers as enjoined by the GES Conditions of Service, have
not been implemented fully and effectively. The inequality in teacher deployment, coupled
with the unattractive conditions of service and welfare schemes for teachers have resulted
in high attrition.

New GES Collective Agreement 2024

In the light of the above, we demand the following:

1. The Collective Agreements for teachers be fully implemented and the Conditions of
Service improved to attract and retain them;

2. every school to have the needed accommodation attached, for teachers

3. A scheme of Service Manual be provided as a framework to facilitate/guide
recruitment, placement, development, career progression, and improvement of job
performance of teachers;

4. congenial work environments be provided to enable teachers to ply their trade,
effectively and efficiently;

teacher motivation be improved, to entice teachers to where they are needed most,
and be useful;

5. allowances for teachers serving in deprived areas be implemented;
allowances be paid to attract and retain teachers in specialized subject areas;


We demand the following:

Teacher deployment be done to match the needs of schools, and (to) ensure equity in
teacher supply across the country;


Manpower audits of education offices and schools be conducted periodically, with
emphasis on schools in urban areas, to right-size the number of teachers working in
the offices and excess staff deployed to the classrooms;


Teachers be distributed equitably to the Urban and Rural areas, to address the Urban-
Rural inequality in teacher distribution;

Use of transfer (reposting) as a means of coercing school Heads, Union leaders and
classroom teachers and employees who engage in genuine professional discourse
into quietude and submission ceases, forthwith.

Rural inequality in teacher distribution;

Commensurate salary increases for teachers, following the increase in contact and
working hours, arising out of the implementation of the free SHS/TVET Policy;

Regular in-service training and re-training for GES staff, with the GES assuming
responsibility for all expenses about such workshops, as enjoined by Section
15(3ii) of the Collective Agreement;


Use of transfer (reposting) as a means of coercing school Heads, Union leaders and
classroom teachers and employees who engage in genuine professional discourse
into quietude and submission ceases, forthwith.

Full implementation of the thirty-five (35) pupils-in-a-class-to-a-teacher at the basic
level GES policy on Pupil/Teacher Ratio (PRT);

Appropriate and effective modes of Licensing teachers be put in place to bring them
at par with their counterparts elsewhere;

GES to ensure full implementation of provisions on teacher promotion, as enjoined
by the Collective Agreement.

A Health Insurance Scheme for teachers, to address ailments outside the
National Health Insurance Scheme;

That every teacher benefits from a scholarship scheme for, at least, two of
his/her wards up to the tertiary level;

A Housing Scheme for teachers to address their accommodation needs;
an Auto Loan Policy for teachers, especially those in the rural areas, to
enable them to acquire vehicles and motorbikes to facilitate their movements,
and enhance their social status;

The provision of life jackets for teachers on the island communities, to ensure
their safety on the waters;

Prompt payment of salaries and accumulated arrears of newly posted

The Waiver

Waiver of the 3% Controller and Accountant General’s Department charge
on all transactions with the Teacher Unions;

Waiver of duties on vehicles imported by teachers with engine capacity not
exceeding 2.0;

Attachment of duty post accommodation for teachers to classroom blocks
constructed in the rural areas;

Download a copy from here Teacher Unions GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-GH release policy proposals ( Manifesto ) for political parties ahead of December polls

Source; Teacher Unions Draft Proposal for Political Parties 2024




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