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Odomaseman SHS Head Interdicted by GES Over Unauthorized Fee Charges

Odomaseman SHS Head Interdicted by GES Over Unauthorized Fee Charges

In a recent development, Mr. Joseph Jilinjeh Abudu, the head of Odomaseman Senior High School, Sunyani West, BIR, has been interdicted by the Ghana Education Service (GES) over allegations of imposing unauthorized fees on incoming students. The move is part of a broader initiative by GES to address similar concerns across various schools, including the recent interdiction of heads at O’Rilley Senior High School.

The notice, dated December 7, 2023, cites Mr. Abudu for the unauthorized sales and charging of fees related to various items, including enrollment, SRC contributions, and school essentials. The fees range from GHC 5.00 to GHC 200.00, sparking discussions on the impact of such practices on the Free Senior High School policy.

Allegations and the GES Response:

The allegations against Mr. Abudu and other heads echo concerns raised by Eduwatch’s Kofi Asare, who emphasized the need for strict adherence to approved GES prospectuses. As Asare pointed out, any deviation from the official guidelines could jeopardize the integrity of the Free Senior High School program.

”Any SHS head found to have demanded a pesewa or an item outside the the approved GES prospectus must be fired. Simple!” Kofi Asare

In response to the interdiction, some members of the public express satisfaction with the GES’s stance, believing that it is essential to root out any form of extortion that may compromise the principles of free education.

Differing Opinions on School Heads’ Roles:

However, not everyone agrees with the swift actions taken by GES. Some argue that school heads play a crucial role in the overall well-being of students, and certain decisions, including financial matters, may require careful consideration before passing judgment. A commenter responding to Kofi Asare’s stance suggested that if schools face resource shortages, heads should not be solely held responsible; rather, the government should be accountable for providing necessary resources.

The response ”  Agreed! In the same vein, if schools have no food and recurrents are not provided by governments, students should be made to suffer directly and if substitutes are made by the heads, that head should be fired too”

The ongoing controversy prompts broader discussions about the complexities of managing educational institutions, where the need for financial support must be balanced against the imperative to uphold the principles of free education.

As the investigations unfold, it remains to be seen whether these interdictions will serve as a deterrent to other heads engaging in similar practices, or if further measures are needed to ensure transparency and accountability in Ghana’s education system.

Full Details of the Letter


STAFF ID, NO.: 241280

It has come to the notice of the Management of Ghana Education Service that, you are selling and charging an
unauthorized fees of the following items from the current form one students who are reporting.
1. Enrollment fee  GHC 25.00
2. SRC  GHC 200.00
3. Calculator/Maths Set/Graph GHC 180.00
4. Hymn Book  GHC 45.00
5. Brown Khaki  GHC 70.00
6. 3 White Shirts for Male GHC 150.00
7. House Dues  GHC 150.00
8. House Jersey  GHC40.00
9. Socks  GHC 16.00
10. File  GHC 5.00
11. Cheque for Ladies  GHC 80.00
12. Embossment of items  GHC 25.00

You are therefore requested to step aside with effect from 7th December, 2023 for further investigation to be
conducted into the matter.

Kindly handover the management and Administration of the School to the Municipal Director of Education,
Sunyani West in the interim, who will take oversight responsibiity of the school for the period of your absence.

Odomaseman SHS Head Interdicted by GES Over Unauthorized Fee Charges



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