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Teachers Transfer Difficulties and When you should seek Transfer

This is a personal opinion as Published by the Informed Teachers Network (ITN) on Facebook.


Top Complaints by Pension Teachers and Common Mistakes by Young Teachers

The writer seeks to advise Teachers to take a transfer from time to time to aid their personal and professional growth, the writer gave an instance where a Headteacher failed to take a transfer and is facing some Leadership and Financial difficulties.

Others seem to agree with the writer but are faced with Challenges

Some including

Staff get Angry about them when they seek a transfer

Heads failing to grant them a transfer

Sometimes amount paid to be transferred seems too much.

When should you seek a transfer as a Teacher and What circumstances should make you stay?

When should teachers seek transfer to other schools?

Teachers should seek transfer to other schools when they feel that their career is stagnating or no longer challenging them, when conditions in their current school are unsatisfactory, when they find a better professional fit elsewhere, when they want to gain new experience, or when they need to move to a different location.

How is teacher transfer done in Ghana?

In Ghana, teachers may transfer to another school through a mutual agreement between the teacher, the school, and the District Office of the Ghana Education Service. The teacher must submit a formal request for transfer to the District Office when transfer windows are opened, which will then forward it to the School Board for approval. The board will consider the request and determine if the transfer is in the best interest of the school. If approved, the teacher’s new post will include the same salary, benefits, and duties as the teacher’s current post. The teacher will then be officially transferred to the new school. For Regional Transfers, teachers have to write to GES HQ through the Regional Offices.  Check more here

How to Change Schools within the Same district; transfer

GES Commences Inter-Regional and Inter/Intra District Reposting No Extension After Deadline  

How teacher transfer is done in the United State

In the United States, teacher transfer usually occurs in one of two ways: by mutual agreement between the teacher and the school district, or by a process known as mutual transfer or transfer by assignment.

For the former, the teacher and the school district usually negotiate the terms of the transfer, such as salary, duration, and conditions. If the teacher and school district are unable to agree, the teacher may apply for a transfer through the mutual transfer process. This typically involves the teacher submitting an application to the school district outlining the reasons for the transfer. The school district will then evaluate the application to determine if the transfer is in the best interest of the students, the school district, and the teacher. If approved, the transfer will be completed according to the terms established by the school district.

Read and also add your verdict in the comment section.

As Published

”Don’t be on the same staff or at the same school for too long. The longest you should be at the same school should be 7 years.

Latest by four to five years, change school, it can be within the same district. Experience different environments and cultures. You are amongst toxic people on staff who are not contributing meaningfully to your personal growth but you are still there. What are you doing there? The school is not your grandfather’s property. Gather courage and move. Explore.

About the Head facing difficulties

As Published on ITN…

I know a headmaster in a certain school who is currently facing financial distress. He’s good at his job as a headmaster, but his financial difficulties are causing him to lose respect.

Occasionally, he uses the school’s funds for personal needs, and when he borrows from his teachers, he fails to repay them on time, straining their professional relationship.

I asked myself what could be going wrong with this man. What I realized is that he is married to a housewife with four children.

As the pressure of responsibilities increased, he decided to set his wife up with a loan to start a business. Unfortunately, his wife lacked the skills to manage the business effectively, and the money was quickly gone. This has worsened his financial situation.

Moreover, he is living far away from his wife and children. Every weekend, he travels to see them, spending no less than 100gh on transportation.

Additionally, the place where he stays before going to his school is quite a distance away, so he relies on commercial motorbikes for daily transportation since he cannot afford one himself due to his financial situation.

He pays rent and utilities at his location, while his wife and children do the same where they reside.

Considering all these factors, a simple transfer could remove a significant portion of this pressure, but he is afraid of losing his position as headmaster.

Dear young teacher, open your eyes, observe, and learn.

No be everything dey book inside. Financial distress is not a pleasant thing. If you have the chance to be closer to your workplace, take advantage and avoid transport costs. Avoid renting at different locations at the same time. Above all, don’t be afraid to make a move when you feel the need to.

What Others Think

Steven Afari;
I did the same after 8 years, not a headteacher though but it has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made.
My issue was that I loved and continue to love the community (Survey Line- Gyakiti) too much. Now my workplace is about 5 minutes away. It has reduced the financial stress on me.

Abande James commented

Most especially hard-working teachers, if you find yourself where your colleagues become bitter and jealous towards you just because of the work you are doing move on, or they will move you, mind you some teachers don’t like it when you are making good use of the free periods or when the students have great affection towards you, they prefer that you sit together, that’s what makes them comfortable. I have been in the system for sixteen years as young as I am and this very thing is happening in some places.

Kilinsco Gh ;
Perfectly said!
My question is, what if you have applied on several occasions to be transferred, but the leadership refused to grant your permission?
What do you need to do then?

Yakubu Issah;
Those who teach in SHSs don’t often change schools or environments because they are often satisfied with the nature of their jobs over there. It is only in basic schools that teachers are not often motivated to stay for long because of a whole lot of negative things over there.

B D;
The killer transfer issues more than toxic
The amount these offices are demanding is beyond imagination ii

Oheneba Tabiri Blessed;

This one de3 I have to say some…Teachers have the same behavior ranging from school to school, of course, the “pull him down” attitude…If you must leave school, then don’t let it be because of a colleague’s behavior…You may meet worse behavior in your new location. Just move because of personal growth and development in terms of getting closer to a spouse or your nuclear family, building projects, a business thriving environment, places with farmland to farm on, etc. Things that would bring development, and not because of a teacher’s behavior. Teachers virtually behave the same everywhere, it’s just a few structures in some schools that limit some of the behaviors. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Benjamin Browne;
I wonder why directors allow heads to be in 1 school for more than 7 years with no special academic improvement.
Lord Jesus!!! Our education system is not working at all

Teacher Kofī
I informed my head of my intention to leave this yr after spending 3yrs there, and he informed his deputy by so doing, almost all the staff members had heard of my move and I could sense some kind of small talk behind and weird behavior towards me from staff members
I still insist on leaving
They are surprised tho bh I want to grow professionally

When will you seek a Transfer?


Top Complaints by Pension Teachers and Common Mistakes by Young Teachers



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