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Exploring the NTC GOV GH GES Portal: Your Gateway to CPD Points and Teacher Resources

Exploring the NTC GOV GH GES Portal: Your Gateway to CPD Points and Teacher Resources

The NTC GOV GH GES Portal, a cornerstone of the Ghana Education Service (GES) network, serves as an invaluable resource for teachers seeking to enhance their professional development and access crucial teaching-related information. In this article, we’ll delve into the various portals available within the NTC ecosystem, their functions, and how you can utilize them to further your teaching career.

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NTC TPG Teachers Portal Ghana

The NTC TPG Teachers Portal Ghana is the hub for maintaining teacher records and providing a comprehensive overview of teachers’ details. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate documentation and effective management of the teaching workforce.

NTC Teacher Portal Login | tpg ntc gov gh portal

Ilearn Teachers Portal

The Ilearn Teachers Portal is designed for educators who wish to publish courses for users with registered accounts. This portal facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration among teachers, creating a dynamic learning community.

New NTC ILearn Portal Register Now to Do Free Online Courses

E-learning Portal for CPD Points

The E-learning Portal takes center stage as the primary platform for online learning. Here, teachers can access a wide range of courses and resources, many of which are designed to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Embracing online learning through this portal is an excellent way to advance your professional development and stay current in your field.

Updates on NTC E-learning Platform Certificate and Point issues

GTLE Portal Integration

The NTC GES Portal offers a seamless connection to the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) Portal, ensuring that teachers can easily access and manage licensure-related information.

Check NTC GTLE Results  Portal Login

Quick Links

The NTC GOV GH GES Portal is one of the GES Portals where you can explore courses for CPD points.

Additionally, the NTC GES Portal provides quick access to essential links, including:

Africa Federation of Teachers: An organization supporting educators across the African continent.
Ghana Education Service: The official body responsible for education in Ghana.
Ghana Teacher Licensure Examinations: Information and resources related to teacher licensure exams.
Indexing: Resources and tools for indexing and tracking teachers.
Licensed Teacher Register: Access to the register of licensed teachers.
Licensed Teacher Verification: A service for verifying teacher licensure status.
Licensing and Registration of Teacher: Guidelines and processes for teacher licensing and registration.
Ministry of Education: The government ministry overseeing education in Ghana.
National Accreditation Boards: Information on accreditation in the education sector.
National Council for Tertiary Education: Resources and information for tertiary education.
National Schools Inspectorate Authority: A body responsible for inspecting educational institutions.
National Service Scheme: Information about the National Service Scheme.
T-Tel: Resources related to the Transforming Teacher Education and Learning project.

Current Instructions on the Portal

As of the current update, the NTC GES Portal provides instructions for the “Differentiated Learning Refresher Training for Teachers.” If you have received an invitation to participate in this program, follow these steps to access the training content:

Visit https://ilearn.ntc.gov.gh and click on “Login.” New NTC ILearn Portal Register Now to Do Free Online Courses

Use the following credentials for your username and password:
Username: The email address you provided during program registration.
Password: “changeme” (without the quotes) as your initial password.

After logging in, the system will prompt you to change your password. Use “changeme” as your current password and create a new password.

Once logged in, you’ll have access to the Differentiated Learning program. Click on “Differentiated Learning” to commence your studies.

Explore the “Region’s Whatsapp Group” to connect with fellow teachers in your region, or proceed to complete the training independently by studying the lessons and answering associated questions.

Please note that these instructions are applicable to those who have received text messages regarding this program. If you encounter login issues despite following these guidelines, ensure that you have provided the correct email address.

For a comprehensive overview and access to the NTC GES Portal, visit https://ntc.gov.gh/ges_ntc. This portal is a valuable resource for teachers in Ghana, offering opportunities for professional growth and community engagement within the education sector.

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