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Qualification to teach in SHS in Ghana 2024

As many want to know whether they will be able to teach at the SHS level after doing their first degree or not, here is what we were able to put together for you.

The first minimum requirement is to have a first degree in a specialized area of study.

Do UCC 5 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich Admission Portal open

UCC | GNAT Switch Programme to Teach in an SHS | Apply

B.Ed Accounting   


B.Ed Science  

Courses Under B.Ed. Science Education University of Cape Coast UCC

Courses Under the B.Sc Science Education University of Ghana UG


B.Ed Social Studies


B.Ed Mathematics 

Courses Under B.Ed. Mathematics University of Cape Coast UCC

Courses Under B.Sc. Mathematics Education University of Ghana -UG

UEW Bsc. (Mathematics Education Course Outline) L100-400

M.Sc Mathematics ( Sandwich) Courses University of Cape Coast

And many other courses including Courses Under GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL PLANNING University of Cape Coast UCCCourses In Bachelor of Arts HISTORY University of Cape Coast UCCCourses Under Economics University of GhanaCourses In BSc Physics University of Cape Coast; UCC, etc

After your Senior High school WASSCE, just enroll in any University to do the Educational Courses Taught at the Senior High School and you qualify to teach.

Even though getting a direct job is not 100% assured, for the qualification you need to do the Educational courses in a specific area to qualify to teach in a Senior High School and the minimum GES  Rank is PS for newly recruited Teachers in SHS.

There are many teachers on standby to be recruited into the Service. These teachers have done their First Degrees, Some with even master’s. Have Written the Licensure Examination.

Basic School Teacher transitioning to an SHS

There are other categories of teachers who are teaching at the Basic school.

After SHS, you went to the College of Education to study and even specialize, your specialization is for the Basic school.

You can even do your masters in Basic Education school courses.

However, if such a category of teachers wants to move to the Senior High School,  here is what they do.

Gain admission to any university to study a specialized course (degree) reapply to teach at the SHS level and they’re given the chance provided there’s a vacancy.

The majority of Teachers rather chose to go on study leave with pay after teaching in the Basic School for sometime Qualification For Study Leave With Pay, Check GES study leave with Pay Programmes and their courses outlines

Apply to any university,

Gain admission,

Apply for Study leave with pay, after the course, you are posted to the Senior High School depending on the courses offered and the requirements of the subject area in schools.

Today, most Basic school Teachers do not have a Diploma in education, but rather a degree in Basic Education from the Colleges of Education.

Those who don’t are advised to take advantage of the Top Up -UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich program to have it. The Basic Education degree does not grant you the qualification to teach at the Senior High School Level.

UCC 5 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich Admission Portal open

Top Up -UCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education Sandwich Admission Portal open

UCC | GNAT Switch Programme to Teach in an SHS | Apply

For the top-up for a basic education Degree, some quickly get admission to do a degree in another SHS subject area depending on their course of study at the SHS level, and after the Course move to the SHS level to teach.

Non Professional Teachers

If the Ghana Education Service is not getting enough mathematics Teachers or Physic Teachers, Degree holders who did BSc Physics or Pure mathematics, Courses Under the Pure Mathematics University of Ghana UG,   M.Phil Mathematics Education ( Regular) Courses; the University of Cape Coast, Courses Under B.Ed. The Mathematics University of Cape Coast UCC is considered for some time, they are termed Non-professional teachers because they did not do Education Courses Under B.Ed. The Education University of Ghana UG, they are given time to do Educational courses to add to their knowledge within the shortest possible time if they want to remain in the classroom.


Ministry of Education in 2019 has to come in to clear the air as many wanted to know the courses that merit teachers to teach at the SHS level

The Ministry of Education has clarified that no policy disqualifies teachers who earned their certificates through Distance Learning, popularly referred to as Sandwich Programs from teaching in public Senior High Schools (SHS) in the country.

According to the ministry in a statement, “the official position is that a degree in Early Childhood Education or Basic Education whether through Sandwich or Campus programs, does not constitute eligibility to teach at a Senior High School.”

“Over the years,” it said, “the impression has been created that any degree qualifies one to teach at the Senior High school even if the degree (such as Early Childhood or Basic Education) is tailored for teaching at the Kindergarten or primary levels. That is not accurate.”

For the avoidance of doubt, it stressed, “degree in a subject area whether through Distance or campus program, qualifies one to teach in a Senior High School, in addition to meeting other requirements set by National Teaching Council and Ghana Education Service.”

The statement  was signed by then Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry – Vincent Ekow Assafuah,


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