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CAGD Urged to Expedite Loan Disbursement to Teachers Amidst Financial Setbacks

CAGD Urged to Expedite Loan Disbursement to Teachers Amidst Financial Setbacks

Teachers who have applied for union loans are experiencing worrying delays, prompting concerns within the educational community.

Numerous reports have emerged, highlighting instances where loan applications, typically processed within a week or a month, are now taking over three months.

Adding to the frustration, some applicants have yet to receive the loan funds, despite deductions being made from their salaries.

In response to these concerns, teacher unions have explained the reasons behind the delayed disbursements.

Reasons for Delayed Loan Disbursement:


1. Delay in Remittance from CAGD:

Teacher unions have a contractual agreement with a third party, the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD), to handle contributions and loan repayments on their behalf.

However, recent times have seen a significant increase in the delay of remittances from the CAGD.

This delay has contributed to the lengthy processing times teachers are currently experiencing.

2. Increased Affordability:

The implementation of salary increases in January 2023 has led to improved affordability for contributors.

As a result, more teachers are now able to apply for higher loan amounts compared to previous years. This upsurge in loan requests has subsequently added additional strain to the loan disbursement system, further contributing to the delays.

Outstanding Dues and Call for Timely Payment:

As of June 30th, 2023, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has reported that the CAGD owes the Teachers Fund an outstanding amount of GHC 299.62 million, accumulating from three months’ worth of deductions.

Resolving this outstanding payment would greatly alleviate the delays in loan disbursements.

In response to these challenges, teacher unions are calling on the CAGD to prioritize timely payments to ensure that their members receive their loans without undue delay.

The unions emphasize the importance of prompt remittance from the CAGD, enabling teachers to access the funds they need in a timely manner.


The delay in loan disbursement faced by teachers who have applied for union loans is a matter of concern within the education sector.

It is crucial for the CAGD to address the bottlenecks in their remittance system, ensuring that outstanding dues are paid promptly.

By doing so, teachers can receive their loan funds on time, helping to alleviate their financial burdens and facilitate their professional development.


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