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NTC certificate and Point Reduction issues- All Teachers

As Teachers Dedicated to aiding our partners particularly with regards to Teacher Professional Development, in our different gatherings we have had a few protests about the NTC online e-learning gateway and cycle.  You ought to be aware, we are not Officials from NTC but rather are Teachers Like you. Simply prepared to Help our Colleagues. We Communicate with NTC straightforwardly to get criticisms for you.

A portion of the issues,

CPD Points Reduction.

There are multiple ways your CPD points can decreased as this has impacted a few teachers as of now and have begun grumbling. As per NTC you can not do similar course with various specialist organizations in the desire for getting more points, When that’s what you do, your Points will be deducted. NTC will erase the copy courses you did.

There are a few Service organizations certify by the NTC to do course and Give CPD Points.

Some are

You can not do the same course across various service providers  for additional points. Eg You do TDA with service provider A then come to do the same TDA with service Provider B. Not allowed.

Certificates  and Points decrease

A portion of the protest we additionally have is, Teachers get the CPD Points okay, however they simply disappear as their certificates are handled. As indicated by the NTC, The testament and CPD points are handled together consequently that shouldn’t occur, If there are individuals with such issues you really want to contact the NTC.

We can likewise take up your email for examinations that is the people who knows us at seekersnewsgh.com But on the off chance that you don’t know us we propose you contact the NTC.

Try not to give your credentials to anybody you don’t confide in, safeguard your portal.




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