How to get a job at Ghana Education Service (GES)

How to get a job at Ghana Education Service (GES)

The Ghana Education Service(GES) recruits both graduates from universities and colleges. Whether you have a certificate , diploma, degree or Masters. Some times SHS certificate can be all that it takes.

To become a Worker at GES you must

  1. Must be a Ghanaian.

2.   Must have completed JHS and SHS and have certificates to prove.

3.Have completed SHS for workers who are not teachers, This SHS certificate is the only one needed. Non teaching labourers, Drivers, Electricians etc.

4.Have a tertiary certificate, could be degree or diploma. For other Accountants, HRs etc

5. For a teacher specifically must have done educational course at the university or went to the college of education.
Without an educational course you can’t be employed to teach even if you are a professor in the field.

The vacancies.

Mostly at the end of the year when college students have graduated they are automatically employed into the system. But such is not the case anymore

You have to do one year mandatory national service,

Write a licensure exams and pass.

Wait for the portal for recruitment to be opened to apply.

For university graduates who did educational programs, once a while the portal is opened for general recruitment then you apply.

Hot cake courses

Hot cake courses that always get fast recruitment are those who did science education related programs eg.

Physics Education.

Chemistry Education.

Mathematics Education,

Biology Education,

Integrated science Education. Etc.

Other Educational Programs also get recruited.

Some are Physical Education,

English Language Education

Early Childhood Education,

Social Studies education,

Accounting Education,

French Education

History Education,

Guidance and counselling and All other Subjects you learnt at the SHS.

Left Behinds.

It’s sad to go to the university for Four years and be left behind in National recruitment.
It has been noticed over the years that those who did Basic Educational course at the university are not employed, GES rather employs those who went to the college of education.

And all those who did non educational courses. You can Do BSc. Biology, you would be left behind, those who will be picked will be those who will do BED. Biology thus Biology Education.



We will advice you to do educational courses if you love to teach.

If you love to teach at the basic level you can do Basic Education by going to the college of education instead of the university. They are all acquiring the same degrees now.

But the GES would still pick the college students and leave the university students who did basic education.well another matter for another day.


To do basic education at the university is not a bad idea since there are nice private basic schools who pay more than the GES.

Also some few get the chance to be picked during general recruitments.

Other Certificate but still want to teach.

As You were young you wanted to become a pilot then a doctor, then a Lawyer and so on and on, but as the results kept coming in plus the economy you have completed rather with a First class in something else or third class, well that’t not the end.

You can still become a teacher, all you have to do is to go and do a top up in an educational program add it to your Certificate, write the NTC Examination  and you stand a chance to Teach in a Public School.

The Recruitment process

Vacancies are announce

Interested and qualified applicants are to apply online with all their documents.

For college students the portal is designed in a manner you have to select your school, you can’t fix any other school there, you can only choose the one in the system.

For university students you have to write where you schooled into the system.

You fill the application form  online and submit.

You wait when successful applicant are announced then you buy a voucher to check your status.

For successful applicants you have to download your letter.

Write an acceptance letter attach to it with all your application documents including a medical report to the Regional office.

Documents you must have includes.
Birth certificate
SHS certificate
National Service certificate
NTC licensure certificate
School Certificate

National ID

You must also have
Your bank details
SNNIT number.

Vacancies come when there is a financial clearance By the Ministry of Finance to recruit.

Some Teachers leave the service to do other things, some also go on pension hence creating a gap in the field always. A school might be in need of teachers but can not recruit until there is financial clearance.


For All employment details, its published on their website 

If you are reading this means that you are interested in teaching, kindly make time to check their website once in a while.



Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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Nana yaa
Nana yaa
November 29, 2022 3:19 pm

Please when will the portal open for college students who had resit and have redeem themselves

Musah Yussif
July 23, 2022 11:36 pm

Please I did HND in Accounting, how do I join Ges?

Jagri Jacob
Jagri Jacob
December 31, 2021 12:07 pm

Please can I know something about economics education too?

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