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How To Correct The Point of Your Salary Level On Your Payslip Which Fails To Move Upwards

How To Correct The Point of Your Salary Level On Your Payslip Which Fails To Move Upwards



The point of your salary level on your payslip – has it been moved to the next point? This takes effect every year in September or the month you were last promoted or upgraded. For example, point 1 moves to point 2, point 2 moves to point 3 in that order, etc if not contact your IPPD or controller for assistance/correction.

Most of us do to check for some of these things but they are very important.

Check your payslip and make sure the point on your salary level matches the number of years you have been on your present rank/grade.  GOGPAYSLIP E-Payslip Login Portal March 2024


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Without your point moving upwards you will be stagnant on the same salary of your grade for so many years unless the government increases salaries you won’t receive any increment of salary for years.

It is of wonder how the controller fails to move the point upwards for some workers.

Apart from contacting your IPPD for assistance you can alternatively log into your payslip online and make a report for it to be corrected or use the SPV

Some middlemen are charging Ghc200+ for it to be corrected for some people. Be careful about the kind of people you contact for your point to be corrected. Make sure you are not duped or fall victim to fraud. When they have your payslip details, they can easily contract a loan on your behave, so be careful.

Below are the steps to follow for it to be corrected.

How to correct the Point of your salary level using the Epayslip

Teachers and other Government workers who are on the payroll of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department and have the points of their salary level not moved to the next point should follow the following directives.


1. Login into your payslip account at GOGPAYSLIP E-Payslip Login Portal

2. Click on Feedback/Tickets
3. Click on +New Ticket (blue tab) to open a Feedback, Suggestion, Or Complain Page or message in the new interface
4. Select a subject from the drop-down menu box labeled Select Subject
5. Under subject select Underpayment of Salaries or select Wrong Grade Step
6. Enter the details about your present point, the number of years you have been on that point, and mention the current point you are supposed to be on or to be moved to into a box that reads Enter comments, suggestions, or complaints.
7. Make sure to include the following details: Your full name, staff ID, and the current point you want to be moved to.
8. After entering your complaint click on send ticket.

Note: If you do not receive any feedback within one month do follow-ups by going to the controller Or your IPPD at your district for assistance.


Alternatively – correct your points using the Salary Payment Voucher (SPV) by the validator visiting ESPV Salary Validation Portal

Alternatively, you can contact the Validator of your ESPV and tell him or her to validate you as a person with issues the next time the validation window is opened; in the comment section, the validator should select salary underpayment and make the complaint about your wrong point issue.

The other approach is to ;

write a letter to that effect,

Give it to your Head to attach a cover letter,

Download 3 latest Payslip

Attach and Submit to the Controller Officer / Rep in your Region, explain to him/her what happened, and Do not leave the letter in his/her absence.

Or You can take it to the Controller Office in Accra HQ.

CAGD contact and Regional Address / Locations



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Eric Acquaye
Eric Acquaye
January 29, 2023 10:47 am

Please, can one attain point 7 on payslip

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