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NTC CPD Points Backlogs / No CPD Points After Courses


NTC CPD Points Backlogs / No CPD Points After Courses and Professional Standing Statements

Many of you have done courses with genuine CPD Service providers and You keep Reporting you have not received your CPD Points.

What seekersnewsgh have gathered  is that, if the Service Provider is certified by NTC and you see the following features, your NTC CPD Points would be processed no matter how long it takes.

When the Course is published on the NTC official Site.

The course is introduced by the District Director of Education

When the Course is fully run on the Official site of the Service Provider.

We have also observed that it takes NTC some time to process CPD Points..

Some courses which were done long ago are now being processed.

Possibly, the Team working on the CPD Points are few or maybe assigned other duties, which is common to most institutions. When this happens, CPD Points processing moves in a slow pace.

Also, there’s periodic review of the CPD points accredited to individuals, to prevent you from obtaining multiple points for doing the same course on different platforms.

All these would amount for the delay in processing your CPD Points.

What other institutions do, is to first give you a certificate  of completion of a course then later award you with the CPD Points when NTC finishes its investigations .

The list below shows the NTC certified Service providers from which when  you do any of the professional Courses, you’ll be Credited CPD Points.

Updated Full List of NTC CPD Service Providers

To do any Course for CPD Points, Make sure the CPD Service Provider is Certified By NTC.

Login to your NTC Teachers Portal (TPG), go to available courses to confirm  the course is there on the NTC TPG Portal before you register.

There are few service Providers that run their courses on their own portal and some that run the courses on the NTC e -learning portal, some also do it Face to face; NTC accompany this service providers workshops with certified introductory letters.

Most of the courses too are District Base, your district Director will issue a letter to invite you to take such courses. eg ICT Training For JHS And SHS Teachers-Nationwide e-learning for CPD and Certs

Your district would also take your credentials to process your INSET ;AWARD OF CPD POINTS FOR INSETS

All backlogs including the portfolio, INSET and other Genuine courses done, will be processed and cleared.

To our Audience, the courses we published earlier were all certified Courses by NTC and by NTC Accredited Service Providers, If you have done any of such courses and you still don’t have your CPD points, do not worry it will be processed.

It takes time for CPD points to be Processed.

How the NTC/Instill CPD Points will be Awarded and What to do.

Note that it’s not all paid courses you have to do, Most of the courses are also free.

Paid courses

There are genuine Paid courses which would be identified in the NTC TPG Portal, or the Service Providers website.

We have observed many Claimed CPD Service Providers either using the names of Accredited Service Providers or they are scammers mobilizing people for their money.

Do not fall prey to such Service Providers. If you are our audience, a member of our seekersnewsgh group do not do courses that are not published by seekersnewsgh or published in the NTC TPG Portal.

We verify courses, make sure it’s free and Genuine.

Do not also give your login credentials to anyone to do courses for you or give you CPD Points.

We have seen such people advertising themselves on various platforms.

From the National Teaching Council, this year, they’ll make some reviews and we hope they bring better Modalities to the CPD Points Accumulation. Read More NTC- GTLE 2023 Update ; The Council Has developed 65 subjects reform for 2023

All You Need to Know about NTC Courses and the Ones to take; How to Register Each Course

How to compress your Evidence of work to less than 5MB and upload onto NTC Portal portfolio

This is to answer those asking us questions concerning the courses we published that they did and have no CPD Points, the various Courses being advertise on social media that we are not sharing with our audience. 

Professional Standing

Before you travel abroad to teach, USA, UK, Canada etc, you must make sure you have good professional standing and you are not banned or have low professional standing.

When you request for Professional standing the statement is sent straight to the institution requesting.

To build good professional Standing, you need to do more courses. There are many online platforms that does free courses, You can do as many as possible, Upload your evidences thus certificates into your teachers portal including your evidence of work.

Here is how to obtain one from NTC

What is Statement of Professional Standing, How to Apply and Requirement From NTC

Read more

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